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How do you personally handle other's who can't [yet] understand a highly spiritual awakening you've had?



  1. To be blunt, you don’t. Some people just don’t believe in that stuff and to try and make them understand would almost be like you’re forcing your beliefs and oppinions on them 🙂

  2. I just smile. How could they know? The feeling is too big. Then I send a small prayer to God to direct them in His direction. I’m never angry though. I feel a little sorry for them, I have a treasure they can’t yet comprehend.

  3. I tell them about how the Lord has blessed me and the spititual feeling when you are talking with the Lord. I will also let them know of the miracles that the Lord has done for me, such as one of them when He saved me from fire.

  4. As is often the way; you are talking about yourself, not others.
    You are asking how YOU can understand it.
    Then you can move on, getting others to understand.

  5. Just don’t push it…some people are hard to convince because they have hardened their hearts. One way is let your behavior speak for you, let your actions speak louder than words for if they see rather than hear they might then be convinced.

  6. If you are that highly awakened you won’t be effected by other people’s thoughts, perceptions, or lack of perception of your awakening. Humility would be a quality that you would have. The Dalai Lama would be an excellent example and guide– or I’m sure that you would be able to find another person in your lineage or tradition that you could try to think “what would this person do or say in this situation?” and act as such…

  7. i try not to talk to others about my personal spiritual matters unless they are like minded or at least open minded to other beliefs. this includes my parents, because they are closed minded to other possibilities. not that their point of view is not valid, but i get tired of hearing that they are right.

  8. I am on the other side of this. My significant other claims to have had such a thing, and it is utterly inexplicable. Somehow, we manage to get along anyway. (She says, It requires a great deal of patience.)

  9. I remind myself that we are having different experiences and though mine may seemsignificant to me, they may seem trivial to others. So I choose very carefully who I share with. But really that experience is just for me. Others will have their own.

  10. With great tact, discretion, and diplomacy. 🙂
    Seriously, if you’ve had a spiritual experience that’s deeply moved you, the first thing most people want to do is share it with someone else. Big mistake. You’re apt to get that glassy-eyed “What in the heck is she rattling on about?” look, or worse still, “Has her trolley jumped the track?”
    Share your experience with those who will listen and try to understand what’s happened to you. A mentor, a close friend, a spiritual advisor, a confessor — they are the logical ones to talk to about what’s going on.
    As for everyone else, just realize that God has them on their own path, one that you might not understand or even recognize. Don’t look down on them if they don’t seem to be at your level. . .odds are good that there are areas in which they’re more advanced than you are and vice versa.
    Above all, give thanks to God that He’s chosen to reveal His Heart and Mind to you in a special way. Remembering Who is the Giver of all good gifts tends to keep you centered and humble.

  11. To begin with you do not say what type of awaking you have,
    Do you believe in God? Why do you have to handle others,just live your life along side of them.

  12. If I look for support/guidance from people who understand, are spiritual and open-minded, I (hopefully) won’t need to tell people who lack a sympathetic ear.
    If you feel the support is scarce in your life, I’d make sure I have plenty of alone time to re-center and ground myself. I’d try to minimize the involvement of people who would try to tear me down. I’d remember two things: 1) In the end, everything will be OK. If it’s not OK, it’s not the end yet. 2) For people to be unkind, insensitive & coldhearted, they are not coming from a good place in their lives. Think how far you would have to be knocked down/bad circumstances happen, before you could behave like that.
    Overall, I’d search for ways to grow in my life, that would create the loving environment I need. Change can be good.

  13. I understand where you are coming from……………………
    Its hard for people like you to understand that those who do not ‘understand your spiritual awakenging’ do not need a mechanical defense system!!!!
    The best way to deal with it is probably to keep your head in the clouds, obviously your insecurity means that you are unable to deal with the truth.


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