Home Discussion Forum how do you perform an astral projection?

how do you perform an astral projection?

im just wondering, and please. RESPECTFUL answers. no spam and such!


  1. This is the ability to leave the body at will. There are meditation CDs on the market that can help you. If you’ve never done it before, most likely you’ll have to train yourself to boredom or get lucky and actually have it happen. I know someone who concluded it was cool to do at first but got to be old after awhile. One thing that’s seems to be of concern is that when your gone too long, there’s a chance your body will start dieing.

  2. There are several techniques and several books. I have provided a link to a book that covers several techniques and to the home page of the International Remote Viewing Association that provides free instructions for doing a simple remote viewing session.

  3. An honest astral projection is a vivid dream mistaken as reality.
    Most astral projection is pretend role playing and boasting.

  4. Hey its nice to know more and more people are trying 🙂 unfortunately you will get rude answers on this subject no matter what. I am not lying when i say that i had asked a question like this a few months ago and EVERY SINGLE person thought i was crazy. Well…guess…what!! I DID IT!!!! UHUH UHUH ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!! YEAH!!!! i was so happy when i did it. contact me and i will give you links to respectable sites that will help you. don’t go around asking spiritual questions on yahoo….you will only get b.s answers. LOL when i asked, 15 people (no joke) were all like ‘lay off the meds’ LOL losers.

  5. Well, the most important thing is the ability to relax.
    Breathing is the second most important thing.
    Try to establish the 4-2-4-2 breathing pattern.
    Inhale 4 hearbeats, hold 2 heartbeats, exhale 4 heartbeats, hold 2 beats, and over and over again.
    I would recommend reading William Buhlman books
    Also, a good tip is to quit drinking alcohol, drugs, caffeine.
    Especially caffeine.
    and Robert Monroe books as well as hemi-sync CDs.
    By the way, you cannot die by having an OBE, that is ridiculous.


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