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How do you pass the vibration stage in astral projection?

I’ve been reading on many things such as the occult arts and such when I came upon lucid dreaming, something (it turns out) i’ve been doing for years. I began looking into astral projection from there. I’ve been working for a while and can enter the vibrational stage almost instantly. Unfortunatley, untill recently, I was frightened and continually forced my self out. I finally plucked up the courage to continue but I’ve been unable to pass the vibration stage. Everytime I reach it, my body feels really numb and I lie there for a while. But, as I get this weird feeling of floating away, the vibrating fades and I return to normal! What’s up with that?


  1. Thinking of floating upward is a good start. If you can get beyond the fear of not coming back(you can wake up at any time by thinking about it), then you can travel the universe. Just think in simple terms…like trying to get closer to the ceiling; then go further with each trip. Good luck.

  2. Okay I can’t say this with certainty as I am not you, but I think maybe the vibrations you are feeling are not the vibrations that are required to astral project. I say this because usually when one can feel the vibrations strong enough that are required to project it should be fairly easy to succeed in ‘getting out’. Getting to the hypnagogic state to begin with & getting the strong vibrations is usually the hardest part of all. If you can master that you should be able to master astral projection. If you are getting the proper vibrations, just visualizing floating out should do it. Or you can try many other methods (roll out, swing out, sink out, or the rope technique etc).
    There are different sorts of vibrations that you can feel. Some vibrations are easy to feel during meditation where you feel like tingling vibrational energy all through you while you’re deeply relaxed. You can also feel like waves or pulses of vibrational energy flowing through you. But the vibrations to project feel somewhat different. They are far more powerful & intense than these other vibrations. Idk exactly what’s happening with you though. I think you’re on the right path anyway. Keep experimenting with it & see where it goes.
    EDIT: Oh also lucid dreams are a gateway to the astral realms. So that’s another option, that doesn’t require the vibrational stage at all.

    • hey you seem to know a lot, i am a beginner for astral projection and i have read up and researched all about what to do etc. and everytime i hit the vibrational stage i tend to not be able to leave my body either i’ve tried all sorts of techniques e.g the rope, floating, rolling out etc. but it just doesn’t seem to work DX also i am having extreme trouble relaxing my face because everytime i relax my face my eyes open then i have to slightly tense up just to keep them shut…

  3. Maybe your mind is active. An active mind what messes up most people in the vibrational stage. They start thinking “OMG, I’m doing it” “Yay!… oh wait, no thinking, stop thinking”,,, etc
    You should keep your mind clear and NEVER think/feel/etc about your physical body. Think about blue sheep if you have to keep your mind off of your body.
    Hmmmm, so you get the floating feeling?? Congrats!
    Once you get the floating feeling, do one of these two things:
    Do nothing, just let the separation process happen. Keep your mind clear.
    (This is what I do – works great for me)
    When you get the floating feeling and even before it…… feel your lungs being filled up with helium. Feel yourself getting lighter and lighter like a balloon. Feel yourself with each breath you take that you are getting lighter and floating slowly up.
    Breathe in – feel yourself getting lighter.
    Breathe out – do nothing. just enjoy the floating feeling
    This will make the floating feeling STRONG. REALLY REALLY strong. You will then feel the seperation taking place and it is VERY IMPORTANT here that you do not think of anything. Just stay focused on staying focused.
    You can say a mantra before or during the vibrational stage.
    You can find these astral projection mantras in the Astral projection/OBE course on gnostic web.
    (or just do a simple good search for astral projection mantras) Gnosticism mantras work very well.

  4. I am trying for the first few times as well. However When i get to the vibrations My eyes begin to open on their own will, and the effort to keep them shut messes it all up! Also I have gotten to points where i lose all sense of my body but this only lasts a few moments before i regain my awareness of it. And i had a few experiences where my arms feel like they are numb and feel like thy stretch far longer than they should… is all this normal?

    • Exactly Patrick my eyes kept wanting to open. whats up with that, and you get interrupted by closing them. but then i heard you can meditate with them open.

  5. id like to know how intense is the vibration stage….does eyes also vibrate….i experience vibration but only on my legs and feet only…is this the vibration your talking about?

  6. What i’ve found that helps me is after I’ve reached the hypnagogic state, is to start repeating mantras in order to stay focused, while doing so, start to breathe deeper and heavier. If all works well, the vibrations should get stronger. Once you get past the vibrations and/or deafening “windstorm” phase you’ll hit what’s known as the “quiet zone” once you hit this phase, you’ll know it because all will be quiet and still and for most, the vibrations should cease. Once in this stage, use whatever method works best for you to achieve your projection.

  7. I have been trying to astral project for about three days now, i have been using guided meditation recordings which worked really good for me the first time, i reached the videration stage im almost positive. A strong very warm tingly feeling came over me very suddenly and i was able to keep my concentration for awhile but then i lost it and ever since i havent been able to feel viberations like that, im wondering if i have fears i havent gotten over but i dont think i do, because im mainly jut curious. Any recomendations? C:

  8. I started smoking marijuana again and during a meditation I got a GARGANTUAN vibrational in my head and felt like there was this spinning energy inside my chest area and a sense of tightness all over my body. It scared and noticed my abdomen was shaking and my heartbeat was crazy fast. I’ve been wanting to astral project but these vibrations usually put an uneasiness to me and I stop. Is there anyway to smooth these out? My friend (who astral projects) told me to just let it continue. But the feeling of my head cavingnin is too much and makes me stop.. I used to go through sleep paralysis when I was younger but I thought it was a medical issue. Any feedback is welcomed

  9. Gotta write this down since i’ve been here Sometimes before. Last week i got into the Vibration stage through a lucid dream.
    I was pretty consious during the dream and I thought well lets do it! I imagined my whole body Starting to burn with flames and stuff and then after like 10 seconds it started. The vibration was really strong and i could feel it through my whole body but then i got too excited about it and it distracted me but it still lasted in 5 minuets even with the fact that i was thinking about it all along!

  10. For all the people wondering about the vibrational stage, like Unique Mind said, the vibrations you are feeling are probably not the ones that facilitate AP or OBEs. Usually those vibrations come after you are very very deep into the hypnagogic state.
    What I would recommend and this helped me get really vivid Astral Projection experiences, is to take 3-10 mg of melatonin supplement* before you go to bed. Then set your alarm to wake up 4-5 hours after falling asleep. When you wake up, go to the bathroom, get something to drink, and when you feel tired again go back to bed and get really relaxed. Let your mind drift while pulling it back in with conscious thought. Imagine yourself sinking deeper into your bed. After staying somewhat conscious through the hypnagogic stage and I mean really deep into it , then you should begin to feel intense vibrations. In this stage all you have to do is will yourself to leave your body and it will happen. If this doesn’t happen chances are you didn’t get deep enough into the hypnagogic state.
    It takes practice, the best advice I can give besides what I already mentioned is to keep lucid dreaming. Sometimes lucid dreams crossover to Astral Experiences.
    *Melatonin is said to prolong NREM sleep so that when you have REM sleep its much more concentrated, giving more vivid experiences.

  11. I just started trying to AP. And I get to the numbness and the vibrations and I feel lighter. But I can seem to pull my self out of my body. Some one please help!:)

    • Noelle
      Have you been able to get out yet, I read if you pretend that a rope is hanging to grab on to it and pull yourself out.

    • If you think that you can pull out of your physical body, then it means one thing. You have already split and you are in your astral body. So now try to roll over/off the bed. It’s much easier to roll over/off the bed because it does not require visualization on pulling a rope. You are already in your astral body so there is no need to pull a rope. Just roll off the bed, don’t try to think, just actually do it.

  12. i just started trying to astral project i have been meditating and then going through the stages after like about 10 minutes. only my arms and legs start to enter the vibrational stage then my body starts to twitch please help

    • If you already felt the vibrations and after that you felt your body or parts of your body twitching, it means you already split. You are in the astral body. Your astral body is the one that does the twitching. Think about it, your physical body is already paralyzed so what else could possible twitch?
      Once you felt the twitching, you should now try to roll over the bed and do some astral checks such as jumping or pulling the finger to see if it stretches.

      • I same thing happened with me too only my legs and arms feel vibration and when I try to move them I feel like they moving but not my real finger but only little because if I continue this my actual fingers move and I wake up after that I feel numbness in my arms and legs I can get in that state but can’t separate from my body help me out please

  13. I’ve been trying to AP for a while and I am able to enter the “mild” vibrational stage. I simply try to sleep by taking deep breathes into my lungs through my mouth and it is able to calm my mind. However when I reach these mild vibrations my heart starts racing and I get a heaviness on my chest. Does anyone have methods for proceeding past this stage and staying focused so that I can attain the intense vibrational stage? Thank you

  14. I’ve been trying to AP for a while and I am able to enter the “mild” vibrational stage. I simply try to sleep by taking deep breathes into my lungs through my mouth and it is able to calm my mind. However when I reach these mild vibrations my heart starts racing and I get a heaviness on my chest. Does anyone have methods for proceeding past this stage and staying focused so that I can attain the intense vibrational stage? Thank you *sorry if this posted twice*

  15. i was meditating after one month i started feeling vibrations to come out or to make me to fly just like a high energy is being released within you , after vibes i left calm and full of joy it is good for your health. many people say that it is sign from god or it is done by devil but according to me it is good for every one who feel them or it is time that your energy can be released

  16. The mild vibrations and heaviness are more than likely just the first stage of your body going into sleep paralysis. In my limited, but persistent, experience over the past few months, it takes 30-60 minutes of deep committment, relaxation, and focus before reaching the buzzing and transformational vibration stage. At this point, it’s pretty easy to float away through thought, not physical attempts of movement though. I personally am very sensitive to outside noise at this crucial stage, and find it necessary to have an extremely quiet environment. When you’re ready, you just know. Namaste 🙂

  17. I don’t know ANYTHING about astral projection. Never heard of it. I found this site, because I left my body last night, freaked out, was convinced I was going crazy. I googled “spirit leaving the body” & came across this. I was in a VERY deep sleep, although my mind was very alert & aware. (makes no sense I know). I was asleep and all of a sudden my body began vibrating violently particularly strong up & down the nerve center of my spinal cord, although my legs were convulsing a bit. I felt paralyzed though. My mind” was totally aware of what was going on & even knew what was happening on a subconscious level. I remember having the thought of preventing whatever was happening by trying to wake myself up to full consciousness. All of a sudden, my spirit sat upright. For me there was a VERY heavy feeling at the moment of separation, when my upper body was PULLING itself out of my upper body, to sit upright. Then I became light. Next I had “the thought” and instantly I was in an era of 1930’s. (I was born in 1973.) I suddenly became a man (I’m a girl) I was in a tux w/ a white scarf and was in some kind of club with 1930’s music BLASTING. I LOVED the music and was there only for that purpose. I was aware that me and everyone else looked like “ghosts” and we were all “see through” & “floating” around above the ground, dancing in ghost form. I would go back to my body to “check” on it. Then return to this place. The last time I came to check my body, I fully expected to be able to return to my 1930’s experience, but I audibly said “Oh shoot, I can’t go back, there is too much heat being generated by the energies, I have to get back in my body.” Then I jumped back into my body, settled my spirit into position and the entire “vibrating system” up & down my spinal cord & body just SHUT DOWN immediately, like shutting off a car engine & I knew I was in my body for the rest of the night. I have to admit, i questioned my sanity all day today. I can’t tell anyone, they would think I’m nuts! I thought I was nuts until I ran across this. Thanks! Also, yes the vibration is VERY intense and strong and induces total paralysis.

  18. My first astral travel experiance was as follows.
    I lay on my side as always I have the whooshing sound and brain zaps that I usually get at first I had no idea what they were and was afraid but I found out what it is. I than just ignored the brain zaps ect and didn’t move didn’t move my eyes nothing than I had pain in my abdomin I ignored it soon after I felt my jaw like I was chattering I ignored it it stopped than started again alot stronger it felt like a sander grinding my teeth but I knew it was fine I was consious of everything happening than my body started to viberate HARD I’m talkin I felt like a jackhammer was pounding cement and I was the cement hard. I than realized I was ready for an exit stratigy. I know several I decided to push myself thru my bed and thru the floor since I was on the top floor I succeeded and was floating to the downstairs floor. On my way down I saw sparkly things looked like dust had no idea than all of a sudden I saw my cat running along. I followed him for a while than I was back in my body.
    What I learned…. My cat is boooooring. Good luck yo

  19. Since I was a child I unwillingly experienced all that you guys are saying. The strong vibrations, the lucid dreaming (that eventually I learned how to control to my advantage), floating in a spinning all over kind of way. Scared the beep out of me for many years. I grouped it all under lucid dreaming (aware you are sleeping). But the odd thing I could not explain is how whenever I did start floating around I was exactly where I was with everthing as it is in real life. This makes it hard to believe that it is just a dream. I however have not had this happen at all in years and I believe it is due to pot smoking.
    My curiosity brings me to one question though. It was always dark and hard to see things because all the lights were out. If I left lights on at night and started floating around would I see them? or is astral projetion not real (or just lucid)?

  20. Hi, lately things have been going a little weird for me when ive been about to fall asleep. i was really confused, did some reaserch and ended up here.
    This has happened a couple of times in the past 2 weeks. Ill be falling asleep, and just when i hit the stage where im about to slip into sleep, i get these pulses of energy and a tingling sensation all through my body. then, i become fully aware of whats happening, but by this stage, i cant move. the first time it happened i got really scared and confused, i couldnt move at all. almost instantly, i was dreaming. i was then able to not exactly control fully my dream, but influence it so that certain things would happen. So in a way, i suppose i was fully controlling it. It was pretty freaking awesome, to be honest. It lasted for what felt like hours, and then i just.. decided to pull myself out of it. So i did, i woke up, then went back to sleep normally.
    This has happened a few times, but the thing is, i never once tried to make this happen, it just happened, and each time i could feel it starting to happen, the different stages i suppose you could say. Why is this suddenly happening?
    As i type this, im wide awake but having the same pulsing energy/tingling sensation feeling. Exact to the one i have when im about to have these said lucid dreams.
    Is this perhaps a doorway for me to astral projection? I have no idea about any of this. Since i have these pulses now, should i lie down and try sleep? what do i do! what is this, help!

  21. i definitely am a lucid dreamer, i tend to be able to float or even fly at incredible speeds in my dreams, i usually am fully aware and have a good sense of control,what i wonder is, what is the purpose of these type of dreams, what am I supposed to do?

  22. Wow this page is simply amazing. So many intelligent replies. I absolutely have to add something here. I have had many out of body experiences, although they stop at the vibrating stage, where I feel myself becoming weightless, and I always get very fearful, due to the strange sensation, and in a few seconds, I always wake back up. I came here because I wanted to see if there was a way to “project” and some of the tips here are very helpful.
    For those of you who don’t know how to have an out of body experience, or if you are having trouble and need help. This is my advice. You won’t like this advice, but I am speaking truthfully here, after years and years of experience. Coffee before bed is the best way to have an out of body experience. Not a soda or energy drink or pill. Coffee. Black coffee with some cream and sugar. Drink half a cup, or 1 cup. Drink just enough to offset your sleep pattern. I will guarantee that it will cause you to have vibration and or sleep paralysis eventually if you experiment with the dosage.
    Here’s how the caffeine process works. It allows you to sleep, but you have to force yourself to sleep, and you never go into REM. Instead you go straight into the lucid dream and sleep paralysis state. The coffee trick works so well that I have actually woke up outside my body 2 weeks in the future, seeing the future as if I was actually there in person. I woke back up and documented everything I had seen, and 2 weeks later it happened. I’ve been able to see things in the future time and time again, having incredible visions, all because of drinking coffee too late in the day.
    The coffee trick should be respected by people and talked about more. Coffee is the ticket to change your sleep patterns and keep you “alert” while you are sleeping, you will gain control over your dream state, and experience sleep paralysis, vibration, and possible projection, if you can drink just the right amount of coffee. You want to drink just enough coffee to keep you tossing and turning, but not completely awake. Give it a try if you are serious. Once you learn how to do this, I’m certain caffeine won’t be required, but it can be a tool to teach the mind how to do this.
    The other thing that works well is red wine. Red wine disrupts your sleep in medium doses. If you have 3 cups of red wine, you will toss and turn. Mix red wine with some coffee and you will be guaranteed to sleep like crap, but during that time you’ll be “partially” awake and most likely feel the vibrating, separation that can kick start an OBE.
    I know this is an odd approach, but some people are hopeless, and it doesn’t hurt to confuse the body, and get it out of rhythm so you can learn new states of mind.
    I am still trying to learn how to control the “out of body” portion of the sleep paralysis, and vibrating sensation that I feel every couple months. I hate the feeling of insomnia, so I avoid caffeine, however whenever I overdo the coffee at night, it works like magic, and I find myself feeling sleep paralysis, and a mild OBE.

    • Hey Chuck just wondering are you the tv host? That Chuck Woolery? I will try the coffee thing tonight. What I have been doing is Bineral Beat meditation. For the first time I felt vibration in my head, am I getting close to project?

    • There are certain stages of astral projection. On the first stage you need to have your body feeling numb and heavy. On the second stage, you need to feel your body going through sleep paralysis. On the third stage, you need to feel the body going through vibrations and/or/both sounds, screams, music, noises. Some people experience only vibrations but no screams or noises. Some people experience screams or noises but no vibrations. Some people experience both. Every person is different.
      On the fourth stage, you need to feel your body becoming weightless.
      If you feel that your body is becoming weightless it means that you have already split and you are in your astral body. What you have to do is to roll off the bed. Don’t think of rolling off with your mind, just actually do it. The weightless sensation is an indication that you have split. Most people don’t realize that. Think about it, your physical body cannot feel weightless. But your astral body can feel weightless. That’s why people can float up and down.

  23. Well, i got freaked out i thought this was sleep paralysis , but I’m only fourteen when i was alittle younger i could control my dreams and wake up out of them knowing it, i thought nothing of it until about two years ago and today was my first time projecting, all i could do was lift my arm i freaked and stopped. i could have done more, and before i projected i stayed up all might scared of feeling evil so i tried today after about 5 seconds of laying down i lifted my arm out of my body.

  24. Ok. Last night, I think I got to the vibrational stage. My body/legs were just like twitching every couple of seconds. I tried the roll out, but was afraid that my spirit body might not leave my physical body. So I tried imagining, the floating one, I think that worked for a second cause I felt as lite as a feather. But, my spirit body was still STUCK inside my physical one…. Any help, I’m going to try and find some mantras etc. but it didn’t work last time…
    Please help. 😉

  25. I have a question to who actually got the chance to explore when the astral projection was achieved. I actually did it the first time but I felt scared and excited at the same time. I was projected to my ceiling and didnt know how to get out of there. As i was turning to see my body I saw all black and felt that my body pull me back and then I got sleep paralysis for a few seconds before waking up. Question is what is out there, do you find other people floating around? And can you actually see people that died? And also can I be able to talk to someone who is in a coma?

    • Katherine
      I am working on my meditation to astral project, and you want to know whats out there. The universe you can go anywhere you want, I have a man in my life that spys on me. Read up on astral projection

  26. Also, to add to this, my issue when I first started years ago was my fears got in the way. I could never leave apartment once I was out of my body. Fears will get in the way and create many different experiences. A psychic told me that she knew what I was doing without me even telling her and said my head is too high up in the clouds and I should ground myself first and work on my fears before continuing on with my Astral Projecting. Too late, I have gotten it down so well I can close my eyes and whack! I am out of body. Then I came to realize that you are not really leaving your body but projecting your awareness, spirit, energy, whatever you want to call it and expanding it to include more than just your body. We learn during childhood that you are nothing else than just a person and ghosts or spirits and psychic powers are not real. I remember saying just before I closed my eyes, “I am in space” and there I was in space. It was wonderful. Another time I projected my consciousness into a corner of my room as I was staring at the wall. I felt like I was in two places at once, part of me on the bed staring at a wall and other part of me looking at myself from the corner but I could feel myself being there as well.
    You beginners can do this, just keep practicing. Another reason why I had no problem doing this is because I had a kundalini awakening experience and that was the start of it. But keep practicing. I am not trying to say “hey look at me I can do this and that” but I do want you to know that there is much you can do and in the end none of this even matters. Its just play (fun). The true way is spiritual enlightenment while in human form where being psychic or wanting to OBE is just another mind play (Illusion) but its fun and we eventually leave that behind as well.

  27. Hello,
    I think I’ve been astral projecting, it’s happened 5 nights in a row, I close my eyes and get a slight falling sensation from my head and then later I instantly wake up and walk around, everything is sorta bluish gray color, I can see my mum laying in her bed and ill try to talk to her, she doesn’t respond, I can also here music which I had on before I went to sleep, but then it’s gets scary and a shadow which I seem to know As my brother or sister which attacks me and starts pushing me down, ill be scream too let me go, and then ill be back where I was sleep my paralyzed with sharp vibration run my my head to toes, unable to scream or shout? If anyone could explain what’s happening

  28. After learning breathing till I reach vibrational stage now it just happens automatically while sleeping,
    sometimes do come out of my body but for short time, sometimes see visions, somedays I don’t project.sometime hear strange noises. Its a wonderfull experience provided you loose fear.

  29. When you feel the vibrations in your stomach keep your concentration there, it will get faster and faster, stronger and stronger. Keep your concentration solely on that point and after a while you will detach; if you lose your concentration (and think of something else) you will come out of that experience. I have been doing it since I was young, It is the strangest feeling spinning that fast..

  30. Hi,
    Recently i read about Astral projection and similar kind of things in the Internet. Initially i tried astral projection. During recent days almost everyday while trying to sleep, automatically i starts from the vibration stage. I projected little and suddenly my heart beats little faster, then i came back to normal.
    Any comments


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