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How do you overcome loneliness?

I’ve read a lot on Taoism, Zen, and even follow Jiddu Krishnamurti but I still find no answers to HOW. Sometimes the insights these philosophies offer help me to relax, but almost always the loneliness comes back. Is it ok to be lonely? The problem for me is if I do go anywhere I’m still lonely, it doesn’t matter if I go somewhere or not. Sometimes my mind is taken off of it for awhile but it always comes back. How often do you get lonely?


  1. You can move to somewhere with a big population and a warm climate. That way a lot of people can congregate at festivals on the weekends. Another way would be to get really busy in various activities, such as sport or volunteering. Have a party and invite lots of people and say everyone can take turns to host/be the hostess.

  2. i get lonely a lot, i just dont get invited out a lot so i spend time on my laptop answering questions, it helps with loneliness cause it gets me thinking about someone else and knowing im helping people gets me out of myself too.

  3. well, crapshoot ill be damned..life is chock full of uneasiness, like lonelieness, like boredom, like hunger, like dreaming ,like wakefulness, like triumph, like sorrow… Being alone is as likely the result of your own actions as it is the actions of other people. Destiny is a real fact, and it is my belief that for each person there is not but one, but very many “soul mates” in this world. We are all pre disposed towards certain situations and meant to love eachother accordingly, according to natures known only to “the creator” I get lonely all the time, right now in fact, but I can say that I’m talking to you, another human being, and in that, I am hardly lonely…well, i guess, unless comcast shuts me down, hahhaha…….the greatest of love for you, miracle, i hope ur feelings of happiness sure outweigh those of loneliness for you, just know, one cant exist without the other..

  4. if you mean social loneliness, then go make some friends!
    If you mean existential loneliness, I know what you mean. The only consolation I can give you is that other people do get it, and a quote from langston hughes that I like:
    “Hold fast to dreams, For if dreams die,
    Life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.
    Hold fast to dreams, For if dreams go,
    Life is a barren field, Frozen with snow”

  5. I believe that the best way to relieve yourself of loneliness is not just to be around others, but to do something for others.
    Phone your local animal shelter and ask if you can take dogs out, maybe just to their front lawn, and spend a half hour petting and brushing him/her. Plan to be there two hours a week and you’ve made a difference in real loneliness for four pups.
    Go to a nursing home or assisted living facility and ask the director if there are residents who’d appreciate someone reading aloud for them. Or maybe write letters for old folks who can’t manage to do that anymore.
    Find a low income child care facility that would like to have a different face come by three afternoons a week and do crafts with the older kids or read to the younger ones.
    After you do one or more of these things will your loneliness return? Maybe. But if that happens, you’ll have a choice of filling your thoughts with the good acts you’ve done and the good acts to come.
    As a bonus, you may discover a calling. You may decide to fill your life with taking care of animals … or discover a love for the elderly … you see where I’m going. Give of yourself and you may find that that’s the answer to your lonely heart.
    Best of luck.


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