How do you overcome a low self-esteem in the subconscious mind?

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For example. You play a sport, and lose but not because you weren’t good enough to win, or there are days you are just shy. Moments where you are confident, and then, suddenly it disappears.

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miss T

Try reading the book, “Dianetics, the Modern Science of Mental Health” which is available in all the larger bookstores and cost less than $10 in paperback. It will give you an understanding of how your mind works in easy to understand language. This may help a lot ;). At least it would be a lot better than trying to get a clear and decent answer from here!

rajagopalan s

The method is to take out the low esteem, the way you put your low esteem in your sub-conscious mind, you have to replace it with high esteem, There are no outside enemies. If you want to be happy and body in the world can stop you, All the good and bad are from inside only. Cheerful is within. It cant be bought. First aim at attaining high esteem. its all coming from regular practice. Look at the positive side of the world. Befriend people who are always positive.


Throw away all your womens’ magazines showing you the “ultimate woman”. Stop reading gossip magazines. Stop comparing yourself to everyone. Go to therapy. Watch less tv. Stop comparing yourself to celebrities..they are abnormal.

cutie pie

it also happens to me but know.. i’ll just relax don’t worry too much… no one’s perfect if you’re good then show it to them!


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