Home Discussion Forum How do you over come the fear of astral projecting?

How do you over come the fear of astral projecting?

whats worked for you….
for those that don’t believe just skip this question
its okay david i value your answer ^.^
liv i saw that already it was exciting an fun ^^ but idk im still abit scared


  1. I’m not a good one to answer. When I finally got it to work, it scared the s*** out of me! I tried it again a week later … and it worked again. And I swore I’d never try again.
    Trouble is, we probably won’t get any serious answers.

  2. You have a fear of astral projecting? Do you frequently have out of body experiences? If so, you need to see a neurologist right away. You could be suffering from Epilepsy. Out of body experiences are usually caused by seizures in the brain, which cause hallucinations. This does’nt help with overcoming the fear of it, but if you’re experiencing this frequently, perhaps it can help put an end to them.

  3. I used to be afraid too. You just need to believe in yourself and know that nothing can hurt you while it happens. You need to remember that you control everything that happens during the experience.
    After I watched this video, I was no longer as scared about doing it. It actually kind of excited me and made me eager to try it and it worked. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. You should watch it, it’s great:


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