how do you open your third eye?

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I’ve read that psychic abilities are related to the third eye and I really wanna be a psychic.
It doesn’t matter what kind of ability I’ll get as long as I have one.
Please tell me how to open my third eye or at least suggest some ways to obtain psychic abilities.
I’m getting confused of what I read on the net.

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well all i know is that ur belly button isnt your third eye 🙂


From inside. It’s spiritual.


Could it be that the “third eye” is a metaphor for your imagination.

Meera Patel

There are many ways, but I do not know if opening the third eye will make you psychic. It may help you with sensing the energy around you, which I think is how psychics work. Looking through your third eye dissolves the illusion of duality. This can be done through deep meditation, chanting, or entheogenic substances like sacred mushrooms.

Bwian's Virgin Mum ɹɐǝɟsuɐ

With a specula.



Tom I

Practice this for a few weeks…
and google “Gateway Experience”. They both work, and will change your life if you let them.


to be honest i have a third eye!
you dont get it when you want it!
its a gift!!!!!!!!
but it doesnt need to be a third eye you can feel energy!
when a spirit is trying to contact you from the spirit world to our world you will fell temperature changes in the room but when it goes over!
DO NOT DICREASE YOUR ENERGY!!!!! because bad spirits will take over your body!!!
why?…..well! its cause those bad spirits wants to be alive! and they never accepted to die and they want revenge!!!
……trust me! im a pinoy parranormalist!!!
dont belive me well!
lets say!…..
when your realy tierd you fall asleep when you woke up! you cant control your self(not sleep walking!) then in a few seconds you can control your body again! and forgot what happend even if just a tiny bit.
that thing my friend is called spirituz!
a spirit tried to take your body but you had to much energy! so he cant take it!!! but if you lose your energy! he takes your body! you can even kill someone or perhaps the person that killed the spirit
hope i helped you………o and also you dont want to open your third eye trust me!!!


be focus and believe in yourself


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