Home Discussion Forum How do you open your Third Eye successfully?

How do you open your Third Eye successfully?

I have heard its a long and difficult process involving deep breathing and meditating I just need a simplified answer to this question.


  1. The process is not long and difficult, but it does take time and practice to quiet your mind and listen to incoming info – the point of opening your third eye. Learn your Chakras and how to feel their energy opening, then when they are open and balanced, your brow chakra (your third eye) is open.
    It feels like a spinning wheel of energy between your eyes.

  2. sorry but that’s about as simplified as it gets. anything worth achieving in this life is worth working for and that includes the third eye.

  3. Drink your urine in the morning and in a months time you will see the diffrence any way Try posting your dream on Dreamcrowd for a free interpretation.


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