How do you open up your chakra pathways?

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How do you open up your chakra channels? As in releasing chakra and using it. I hear you have to exercise a LOT.

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This is done through meditation and visualization of them. (See my grounding and meditation.) Which by the way is an advance technique, certainly not for the novice or one not spiritually attuned. I feel this form of grounding and meditation is related to the Alchemist magical VITRIOL, The word made up of the Alchemist adage in occult using Notaricon (the Alchemist term) an acronym or a form of cryptography, where each first letter of a saying is used to make up a word. [sort of a letter mnemonic] VITRIOL is taken from the alchemist adage, Vista Interiora Terrace Rectuficandoque Occultizim Lepidem. Which when translated reads: Visit the center of the earth and by rectifying you will discover the Hidden Stone. This is the acclaimed Philosophers Stone. Which is believed to heal all sickness, preserve youth eternally, and help the alchemist to change dross matter into gold. (Although when you reach this level of spirituality, you won’t want to or need to change things into gold.)


A good way to balance and clear your chakras is simple to place a crystal on each one, lie down, relax, and meditate on each chakra, seeing what feelings and thoughts come up. It can be that simple. This webpage on chakras has other simple ideas and advice on balancing and healing your chakras – it doesn’t have to be difficult or hard work!


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