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How do you “move“ the energy from the ajna chakra, to the others chakra`s ? ?

For people who knows or “flows“
Others please dont discredit something that you dont understand, There is a sense of “living“ where the your conscience attracts logic,science,biology,geography,emotion, etc to work as one according to nature. It mixes everything into chakra points that could never ever ever be decoded because it thrives on the placebo that human brains have to make it work, placebo is the science word for the ultimate enegry man has. You have placebo working right now, its your automatic beleive that your heart is gonna take the next heart beat, you have no power in controlling that “energy“ but you can choose to “expand“ with it. Saying that please take your own journey, I need other yogi`s and yogini`s to complete my “shiva“
I have been a temple goer in my younger days, never quite understood what was the whole deal with the prayers and stuffs, was kinda crazy back then. Then later I was introduced to yoga at the same temple, was a young kid, I did it for a few years, I had this tingling feeling in between my brows, then I gave up going to temple because I kinda know there is more to it so I went to Raja Yoga when I was about 14, then the sensation grow to my forehead,that cool pulling sensation, then I stopped and did my own meditation according to my comfart, Now I can feel it around my head, my question is how do i direct this “energy“ to my whole body, I need to move my “shakti“. How do you do it ? I never had a “teacher“ since i was 14. I know that it should be from the lower chakra`s to the top, but how do you move them to the whole body, the other chakra`s to complete the cycle ? How do you visualize and what is your technique`s ? thank you
comfert, sorry misspelling there


  1. What exactly is a “comfart”? Is that some kind of special, yoga enhanced, spiritually guided, magical mana flatulence? Or is this a question that should be in the LGBT section?

  2. You need to ground your energy because much of it is being leaked into ether and that will actually start to show itself in the choices you make in life. What would help you right now is if you started a yoga practice again, shakti HAS to move with a regular yoga practice but you want to start at the root. You have no other choice as you have to use mula bandha in a yoga practice therefore the energy would make a subtle shift. Why not start up your practice again? It can’t hurt and it would get the energy flowing in the right direction. As for a meditation, you visualize each chakra, it’s color and it’s significance. You just breathe and keep linking these. There are many specific meditations for chakra balancing but yoga is a mighty component. Namaste

  3. I’m not going to pretend i know anything about this in a deep sense but i did have a book on crystal energy and the chakras and from what i remember its about visualising and feeling it move through the chakras – – you just do if you see what i mean? They are like wheels aren’t they? and do they not alternate clockwise and anti clockwise to help balance the energy? visualisation and feeling are key i can imagine – is it not different for each person doing the excercise – one person will do it slightly different to another.

  4. Hi Mystic… I would love to help you, but I’m not a yogi so I cant give you a professional answer. I’m no expert.
    But I do know that you need to be trained by a yogi in the steps to achieve this.
    One thing I can tell you is that you need to first focus on your breathing. That is the most important part of it. The breathing technique is what allows you to begin and work each level of chakra points.
    Then you need to focus on the actual chakra points using visualization techniques.
    My meditation and chakra flow is different to what you want to learn. Mine is what the general spiritual church teach. But I don’t think that you want that one. I think you are looking for the more advanced and specific technique the ones taught by actual yogi teachers and yogi masters.
    I have a friend that is a yogini and she does Kriya yoga and her technique is completely different to mine. Hers are based on the breathing, posture, and visualizing the energy on the spine. And she focuses on the rising of the Kundalini energy to flow up and down the spine. But it has to be taught by a yogi teacher specializing in Kriya or Raja yoga.
    Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.


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