How do you meditate properly?





Like, how many hours should a person meditate a day to become better at it?
What is the best meditating pose or does it vary from person to person?
I need to know a lot more, because I want to learn how to use my chakras, read auras, and the such.
Any help/advice/tips will be appreciated, thank you.


  1. There really isn’t a wrong way to meditate.
    As far as timing and positions, you meditate any way that helps you zone out.
    You should start off at 20 mins per day and go up each day until you get to a length and position that you’re comfortable with. It helps me to sit up straight and close my eyes, 20min to an hour.
    When you meditate, you think about nothingness- clear your mind of everything. Some people go to a “happy place” where they feel no pain or anxiety- just peace. (mine is swimming in Tulum, Mexico). A friend of mine pictures himself in an elevator lined with green shag carpet.
    Then you transition into self-refection. What have I done today that changed who I am or someone else? What have I done today that made me feel jealous/angry/sad and how could I have handled it? What have I done to help contribute to my cause or “life’s mission”? stuff like that.
    Meditation is just self reflection- it’s a reset button for your consciousness. Some people meditate while they’re doing something mundane or creative. I go into a “zen” state when I sculpt.
    Look up Deepok Chopra books and DVDs, he’s amaaazing and practical! A big help

  2. This is very personal and you have to be very serious about it. You need peace and quiet. You should have a sense of peace about yourself and normally if you sit on the floor or on a pillow on the floor that is fine. On your knees or indian style, or you can lay down on your bed or on the floor on a blanket preferably. Its better if you close your eyes, its seems more comortable and just think of all the stress that you have and think of how much does it really bother you or what you can do to make those things better. It normally puts me to sleep lol but when I wake up I feel a lot better. Good Luck

  3. 20 minutes is good. I like lotus, but you can do it standing, in a chair, laying down, even with a tai chi walk.

  4. this is all i kno
    ur supposed to concentrate on nothingness. if u do it rite, u won’t be able to tell how much time has passed.
    and u shud do it before bed and wen u wake up

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