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How do you measure for a magick wand?

Does anyone know how to find the length of a magick wand in respect to the length of your arm and fingers.


  1. You could go by a book that tells you how long, or you could decide for yourself how long you want it to be, and go with it…
    Thing is, your tools for magick are a personal expression of yourself, and an extension of yourself into your magick workings. What is important is that the wand feels magical to you.
    So, decide how you want your personal magickal instrument to be, and then make it yourself…
    In reality you could use anything…a screwdriver, a pencil, even a laser pointer for a wand…it’s just a tool to focus your mind, and project your will along a given path…

  2. I measure mine on the inside of my arm, from the crook of the elbow to the tip of the middle finger. But, doing it the other way sounds logical, too — on the outside of the arm from elbow to tip of middle finger. This was a common unit of measure in the ancient world, referred to as a “cubit” in the Bible, but was probably used in other ancient cultures as well.
    Not all of my wands are this long, though. Find a length that works for you. Keep in mind, though, that what you get out of your Magickal tools depends on what you put into it. A lot of people will tell you that they are just stage props. While it is true that the Magick is in you, and that you can ritual quite well without tools, I tend to prefer to see them as sacred. If you treat them as merely props, that is all they will be. If you see them as sacred, they will act accordingly.

  3. I made my own, from the wood of a vintage rosebush that I had to prune when I moved into my first house. It is slightly longer than the “elbow to finger” measurement, but it’s length felt perfect to me. From the choice of wood to the symbols I carved, each aspect of my wand feels perfect for me. I think that’s more important than an inch-for-inch measurement. If it feels wrong, it won’t be doing you any good. Keep each aspect of making or purchasing your wand as a sacred step, and make your decisions wisely, using your knowledge of your Path to do so. You’ll be fine!
    May All That Is Bless You!


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