How do you make sure you don't attract negative energy and negative people?

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There’s 2 type of negative people in my opinion.
The ones who are always sad, pity and always down, hard on themselves, (I DON’T MIND THESE PEOPLE, THEY DO NOT BOTHER ME AT ALL. IN FACT I LIKE CHEERING THEM UP.) sorry for the cap locks. I just want to make that clear.
The negative kind I am talking about are the rude, ill mannered, no compassion kind of people who go around and be mean to others for no reason. When I am around them I get really angry and negative energies seem to increase. Is there any way to make sure you don’t even attract them in the first place?
Since this question is somewhat negative, I’m guessing I might attract negativity. But hopefully I don’t.

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be positivve!


Ponder – that you (and I) may be seen as negative people by others.
What you think of someone else is none of their business.


to repel negative become negative.
and do not be around them.
the scum are the illmannered and uncompassionate people of the world.
if you touch a south end of a magnet to another south end they will repel.


well 1st of all stop believing in bodhoo or whatever,because that is the influence for you to think such way,now if that comes around you,just ignore them and don’t blame them because if they are like that is becuase they themselves have problems,or insecurities that are hard to manage so they portrayed those feeling with other ..chao

James C

Imagine you wear a cloak of positivity


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