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How do you make spirits come to a ouija board?

I made my own ouija board, but no spirits are communicating. A few times it moved a little, but no answers.


  1. First, you have to have more than one person, it requires a lot of energy to get the spirits to communicate through your movement. Then you have to ask, “are there any GOOD spirits that want to talk to us?” Ask it over and over either in your heads or out loud. Everyone has to believe in what you are doing, don’t even have people that don’t believe in the room. The reason you have to ask for GOOD spirits is because through ouija boards you can open a “portal” for bad spirits to come around and follow you. Once someone has replied via movement of the oracle, you can ask whatever questions you like. But be careful, spirits can be verrrry temperamental. Don’t ask too selfish of questions repeatedly and if the spirit tells you to stop, you STOP. Do not use yours or any ouija board for at least 2 months, if you do it can cause demons or bad spirits to follow you around. And another thing you must be sure to do is when you are done asking your questions you need to ASK the spirit if it’s alright for you to leave. If you don’t they could get angry and if they say no, you can not leave just stay a while longer and ask a few more questions, then eventually ask if you can leave. That’s everything I know about ouija boards. Good luck and be careful.

  2. You don’t “make” them come. They come as they choose. Me and my friend played with an ouijia board one night. At first, the pointer did not respond to our questions. Then i asked it “Are you afraid of the dark?” just to be funny. Within 1 minute, the pointer moved and spelled out “NO R U?” I was shocked and kind of spooked. Then after that, the lights all went on and off. Then there was a loud banging noise and the TV turned on. It was a scary experience. Since then, my friend’s hosue which we played in has weird paranormal occurences going on a lot. Outside his house, i have had nothing weird happen to me since then. And i haven’t been haunted but when i’m in his house now, i feel uneasy and like i’m being watched.

  3. they come when they feel like it i think and keep asking them if they are good. spirits can lie… a lot XD nah i’m kiddin but keep asking them in the conversation, ya know, just to be sure! 😀


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