how do you make an herbal pillow for a restful sleep? or to have clairvoyant dreams? ?






  1. For dreams: calendula, star anise and marshmallow leaf or root.
    For rest: lavender.
    Cut a rectangle of fabric and fold it to make a small (3 or 4 inches) square. With the fabric inside out, firmly stitch up two and a half of the three free edges. Make sure to use tight stitches so you don’t get herbs leaking out.
    With the open half-edge, turn the case inside out, and then fill it with herbs of choice. Sew up the opening tightly, and you’re done!

  2. This is a “recipe” I guess you would call it that I use to make herbal pillows. It’s a combination of several recipes from the look listed below. I use it for head aches and restful sleep:
    6 parts dried lemon verbena
    2 parts dried lavendar
    2 parts dried peppermint
    2 parts dried chamomille
    1 part dried hops
    1 part dried marjoram
    1/2 part rosemarry
    I sew a fabric pouch, put in the herbs, then sew it shut and stick it in my pillow case. works pretty well for me, but it took me a while to figure out what works for me. You might want to get a book or two from the library about herbs.

  3. what the above people said was about it
    I only have to add Mugwort (Artemisia) to the list. It might help you with the dreams. However you would not get deep sleep with this herb, which is why you get the dreams, you are not sleeping as deep.
    Do not drink if you are pregnant! You could miscarriage!

  4. Have a small bag and put the following herbs in it(get as many of these that are available to you):
    -flowers for magickal sachets, dream pillows, and poppets-
    Crocus: love and ‘visions
    Honeysuckle: love, money, ‘psychic powers’, and protection
    Jasmine: love, money, ‘prophetic dreams’
    Marigold: protection, ‘dreams’, legal matters, and ‘psychic powers
    Rose: love, ‘psychic powers’, healing, love divination, luck, and protection
    Rosemary: love, protection, ‘mental powers’, banishing, purification, healing, ‘sleep’, youth
    Wisteria: ‘mental’ clarity
    Put the bag in your pillow.

  5. You sew it like you would make a small sachet or pillow and stuff it with herbs. The herbs mentioned in the other answers are great. When the pillow is full, you just sew the last end up.
    It can be as plain or as decorative as you like. Grab a book on pillow making at the library, so search it online.

  6. I’ve always found mugwort works best for me when trying to induce lucid dreaming. As for a restful sleep, use whatever herb or herbs you like best. Some that I enjoy using are lemon verbena or hibiscus flower
    A lot depends on you and what smells you associate with peace and relaxation.
    No need to make an entire pillow. A small sachet with the herbs sewn or tightly wrapped inside will do the trick.

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