Home Discussion Forum How do you make a yoga mat sticky?

How do you make a yoga mat sticky?

Is there a way to prevent you sliding on a yoga mat?


  1. wear good soft sole tennis shoes, or try those strips you put in the bottom of the bath tub, may look dumb but it should work.

  2. Is this a new mat? What I personally do when I get a new mat is lay it out on my living room floor for about a week and just let everyone walk all over it. I flip it over each day.

  3. Well you can use jam, jelly,or honey and they serve two purposes, they will make the matt sticky so your butt wont slide off the sides and if you get hungry you can lick the matt for extra energy. Works for me every time, …………. and by the way you look fine you dont need to be doing the Yogi… have a great day,,,,,,,,,lol


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