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How do you make a love charm?

I am not talking about a love spell. I do not want to force this woman that I like, to go against her free will. I just want to make a charm that will make her realize that I am the right guy for her as well as emit a aura of positive loving energy.


  1. You can’t make anyone love you or as you said make her realize how much you love her or are the right guy for her by making a magical charm. It won’t work because there is no such thing as magic in real life. Only miracles. They are 2 different things.
    Just tell her the truth that you love her. Don’t worry about what she will say. Whatever is in your heart, tell her. Trust me she’ll be happy to here it that you love her because girls love it when a guy tells her about his feelings for her (i.e true feelings)
    Have a nice day 🙂

  2. its the same thing bro if you look at your wording MAKE HER is definitely dealing with her free will i understand that is not your intent but before doing anything i would really consider what your true intent is. ask yourself what happens after she realizes your the right guy or not and is that benefiting just your emotional need or are you doing something for her. i suggest make a charm like a poppet (small doll or bag filled with herbs ) put all the energies that you feel toward her all the positive heart felt feelings toward her. and give it to her and explain what it is and what it means ( it could be awkward handing someone a sack of herbs if they don’t know what it is or means lol) and that it is her choice to keep it or throw it away. thats my suggestion

  3. So it’s okay because it’s not a spell, it’s a charm….?
    Got news for you, kid. You’re contradicting yourself.
    Either way, you’re forcing her into something… and that’s just bad business.

  4. Start with a good piece of opaque Rose Quartz, that you will be able to wear next to your skin. Make sure that it has a tiny, drilled-in “pocket”.
    Compound a scent ointment, that includes Ambergris, Musk, and the essential oil of her favorite flower.
    Daily wear the Rose Quartz, particularly when you are around her, with the scent ointment rubbed into the ‘pocket’, in such a way that the heat from your body makes the scent-ointment slowly vaporize into a cloud that hovers around you.
    Nightly focus on the Rose Quartz piece, and image loving and being loved.
    Draw these Runes and focus on your internal images of her:
    Kenaz, that her mind will be opened to the possibilities with you;
    Raidho, that she will percieve the ‘rightness’ of you for her;
    Eihwaz, that the work shall be properly released and so do its magick.
    Make sure that all your thoughts and words of her and to her are uplifting and free of negations.

  5. i have a girl and we both were in love i did something and she does not want to see me i need a charm to make here come back plz

  6. I want you to help me,
    Am having a woman I love and she told me that,she don’t love me any more,so I
    want to charm her to love me and what ever I will say she has to listen.
    And please how can I do it.


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