Home Discussion Forum How do you make a fake crystal ball?

How do you make a fake crystal ball?

Does anyone have any good ideas? Please respond quickly by Monday!
No walmart answers please uz they don’t have them.


  1. At any department store (such as Target or WalMart) and craft store like Michaels or JoAnn’s, you may find in the silk flower area where they sell vases, a clear fish bowl glass.
    Fill with glycerin soap(melt and pour) waxand turn upside down. Or,,,,,, water or clear dish detergent pored into the bowl, seal with wax and glue a flat plate to the top then turn upside down and TAA DAAAH!!
    OOORRR…maybe something in the kitchen storage aisle will be like a round glass canister with screw on lid.
    Nostradamus used a bowl filled with clear spring water set on a tripod to look into….a gazing bowl.

  2. At the renaissance fair photo booth, they have a fake one made from a round clear plastic ball(can probably buy at a craft or toy store) and inside of it was this irridescent easter grass. It was great in a photo. I’m sure irridescent ribbon will work too.


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