• Programing The Brow Chakra

    Just in between and slightly above your eyebrows is an organic valve or energy center also known as the “brow chakra.” This brow chakra is the seat of your ability to use logic (you can use logic to gain full consciousness within your dream), perception (which is your ability to use insight and also to understand things without the conscious use of logic), and also psychic power, such as clairvoyance, precognition, telepathy, etc.

    1.) The Daytime Meditation Technique:
    Go and find a comfortable place to sit down and relax. Close your eyes and visualize your thalamus gland inside your brain. Now visualize your thalamus gland glowing very brightly with bioelectric energy. Now see in your imagination a white mental cinema scree/huge white movie screen. Fire your mental laser from your thalamus gland into the upper left hand corner of the mental cinema screen and begin moving your thalamus laser clockwise, slowly. You are now moving your mental laser clockwise from the upper left hand corner of the mental cinema screen and following your mental laser is a wavering blue flame. Continue doing this until your entire mental cinema screen is completely filled with a blue flame. For a little while, visualize this blue flame mental cinema screen. Then visualize the blue flames disappearing and now you simple have a blue cinema screen in front of you. Now see an image of yourself on this mental cinema screen and try to visualize your brow chakra. The color of this brow chakra can be indigo (bluish black) or amethyst purple. Fire your powerful mental laser into your brow chakra with the “intention” of programing it to give you fully conscious lucid dreams and also, flawless logic & perception. Or perhaps you can even program it to also give you psychic powers. Continue with this mental exercise for about 30 minutes. You must do this mental exercise every single day for about one year or eighteen months until your brow chakra is permanently awakened. You may go to http://www.wikkipedia.com and see more about the thalamus gland.

    If the above technique doesn’t really appeal to you, then try the below technique.

    2.) Nighttime Mediation Technique: When you lie down to go to sleep, begin to visualize your brow chakra, only this time, see your brow chakra glowing very brightly with energy. I prefer to visualize my brow chakra glowing very brightly with deep amethyst purple. Okay, while you’re visualizing this, begin repeating an affirmation like this one, “MY BROW CHAKRA WILL CAUSE ME TO HAVE A LONG LASTING OUT OF BODY LUCID DREAM.” You must repeat this affirmation 100x while doing the visualizing your chakra glowing. Your chakra doesn’t necessarily have to be a purple color, it can be a very bright white glowing color if you like. After about two weeks of repeating the above affirmation, you’ll be able to repeat it without even thinking. After one month of repeating this affirmation, you’ll notice how your dreams will become more and more lucid. Within seven months, you might even master lucid dreaming by then.

    I myself prefer to use both of the above techniques.

    3.) It might also be a good idea to keep and maintain a dream journal. When you wake up from your dream make sure that you write down with as much grueling detail as possible what you saw in your dreams. This will help entrain you to remember your dreams.

    4.) The Nova Dreamer Mask: This breakthrough in lucid dream technology might help you out if you disagree with the above mediational techniques. http://lucidity.com/novadreamer.html

    You might also want to check out this truly awesome website to learn about what sort of fantastic things can be achieved through lucid dreaming. http://faqs.org/faqs/dreams-faq/lucid-dreaming-faq/

    Did you know that if you master lucid dreaming well enough, that you can freeze time in your dream and stay there for long periods of time? You can even use lucid dreaming as a doorway into remote viewing or astral projection.

    P.S. Its very important that you never use mind altering drugs including marijuana. Don’t drink alcoholic beverages. Don’t use any kind of pharmaceutical tranquilizers or antidepressants while you’re doing this meditational work or you will fail. If you use tobacco, then it would be advisable to stop smoking because the nicotine will hinder your ability to use your thalamus laser. These are things that I know from actual experience.

  • Try jumping into the air a few times a day when nobody is around. Do this daily. After three to four weeks, if you’ve been consistent, you’ll have a dream where you jump into the air. But in dreams, we don’t just drop back to the ground, we float back down. Then you’ll know you’re in a dream.

  • Well first of all it’s not very easy to achieve these dreams, it’s a bit rare. The best time to have these dreams is in the morning a couple hours after you have waken up from a night sleep or in the middle of the day when you’re not tired, you wont have these dreams if you’re very tired =/ these dreams occur right before you wake up, you have to practice if you want to have lucid dreams more regularly.

    1.When you’re trying to sleep be aware of your surroundings, try to enter a dream knowing that you’re sleeping.

    2.As you’re falling asleep make up things in your head (picture anything, a person, a place, etc) pay attention to the details, being creative helps with these kinds of dreams.

    3.And now that you’re asleep hopefully you’ll have dreams :] (with practice you will have them more often)

    4.The worst part is that when the dreams are at their most intense state and you realize you’re in one you start to wake up 🙁 now this next step I’m not sure how to explain but I’ll try my best: you start to wake up when you become more aware of your surroundings. You especially feel it in your ears and head, you feel your head getting lighter and your ears start hearing more (which is why you should sleep in a completely quiet place) at this point your dream is starting to fade and you’re starting to wake up.

    5.There’s a lot of techniques to prolong lucid dreams you can just google it but the most efficient way I’ve found is that when you’re starting to wake up stay calm and try to block out any sounds that you hear from outside of the dream and try to listen and pay attention to the dream and don’t move or think about waking up. This works for me 80% of the time 😀 Also, just after you wake up and you’re still in bed close your eyes and remember your dream and write it down just after that (keep a notebook and pen by your bed)

    Hope it helps ^.^

  • Lucid dreaming means dream continues with the same theme and character every night. It’s very difficult to generate lucid dreams, there are books on lucid dreams. For starters write down what you wanna dream about to very detail and try to visualise it before you go to sleep, it might help. You’ll know that you are dreaming when ur flying, or trying to lift objects with your mind, if u could do that, wats not possible in real world or when wierd things happen, then you’ll know that you are dreaming. s with your mind, if u could do that, wats not possible in real world or when wierd things happen, then you’ll know that you are dreaming.

  • Right when my dream starts I know I’m dreaming I can easily awake when I want to.Remember when you’re dreaming it’s YOUR dream!Do what you want!I know when you’re dreaming it feels soo real and it’s your time to escape from reality!

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