How do you listen to your subconscious mind?

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First off, Is the subconscious mind the place that tells us what we really want in life? I ask because I’m caught between a few major descions, and I’m trying to figure out what to chose and what I “really” want. On the conscious level, I always teeter totter between my wants. I think I want one thing, and then I re-assess and think I want the other. I want both of something, and miss one if I chose the other. (basically I have a relationship descision) How can I find out what I truly want, what is my best choice, on a sub-conscious level?

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Mr. Silly

Mr. Silly listens to his heart and right now his heart is telling him to get some French toast!


It takes over and calls me to McDonald’s.

Ryan the wizard

Ask yourself why you like the one that you want to choose. Thats the important thing because a lot of people just act on their wants and not what they actually need in their life. Ask yourself you really need this person in your life.
Weigh your odds for happiness if you choose one over the other.


Pray & meditate. You need to decide one way or the other. Once you make a decision, pray about it, if you don’t get an answer about it (not feeling good about the decision, uneasiness, what is called a stupor of thought- meaning, you stop thinking about it, this means the answer you chose is wrong. If you are happy, joyful & looking forward to the decision, then it is the right one.
The answer will come to you when you are quiet & listening w/ your heart & not your ears.
You already know the answer. Read the Gift of Fear by Gavin deBecker. It can help guide you in your pursuit of answers.
Good luck!


subconscious mind is an active place and certainly not one we always have any control over.
there is always something going on there, and sometimes we choose to listen to it, the rest of the time it does it’s own thing.
if you relax a little you will realize that it is a place to escape to, where everything won’t always be fun, but it is always interesting and very telling. the key is you have to listen…


You are thinking about it too much. The first “urge” is always the best answer. Analyzing the options only distracts your focus and confuses you. First impressions are usually correct. The more you think, the more you go astray.

maximum r

hmm i think u’re looking for an easy way out.but here’s my idea make a friend ask u random questions that depend on two choices like,’what do u like better pizza or hamburger’,make her say them quickly(but understandable)and u must answer as quickly as possible without thinking too much.then ask her to drop the main question ‘who do u want better guy1 or guy2(use their names)’ but only after a while of asking random questions(its better if she writes them down so she won’t stumbble and mess up,the whole point is to be consecutive with no pauses) and it’ll take a few question cause since u know what she’s planning to do u’re mind will still be thinking about and and waiting for it(the point is to catch u off guard,or u’re mind).and thats basically what i do when i im torn between two descisions


Don’t know about this subconcious thingy but if you are torn between a few decisions why not sleep on it and choose the first decision that comes to your mind the next morning. Works for me every time. Hope it works for you too.


The reason it’s the “sub-conscious” is because we don’t have conscious access to it. So, if it could provide you with the answer, I don’t know how you’d be able to retrieve it. The sub-conscious acts as a safety mechanism to store away information that the conscious isn’t able to process at the time, such as trauma. Some people will assert that’s why we dream or have nighmares, it’s the sub-conscious “emptying” out it’s contents in a safe way. When you have difficulty in making a major decision, that’s because your head will argue with your heart. If you can hone in to your intuition, & make a decision on “gut-feeling”, you should be OK.


You don’t want to listen to the subconscious mind, there’s some ugly hurtful stuff down in there. You want to listen to the superconscious mind or higher mind, which knows the best path for you.


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