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How do you like my new tattoo?

It means “NO MIND”/”NO THING” the highest degree
of Zen Buddhist enlightenment; nothing between you and reality,
not even you!
1) plz rate 1(crap,absolutely awful)-10(ok)-20(absolutely amazing!)
2) and why
This is my first tat, I’ve wanted one at least for a couple of years now.
Next thing Ill probably get is a huge rainbow buddha panorama on my back or chest.
After that I’m letting the artists do whatever they want
To shop owner: mu. . .nihs? ha ha ha! Thats even better! I might check my laptop but from what i could tell between the kanji i gave him and this its the same…maybe the kanjis wrong!
Ha ha ha!
rofl! 🙂 Thx so much!


  1. 14 or so,
    its cute and not gaudy like many of the tatoos today..
    i like it,
    its simple and cute, and has meaning.

  2. 4
    Reason Why: Too many people do this, it’s way overdone. It doesn’t matter what we think though, it’s your tattoo, if you’re happy with it, I think that’s awesome. Another reason, I did some research, and it appears that the bottom part is upside down, as if the artist put the stencil on incorrectly. That happens a lot with these types of tattoos, they are often lost in translation because a single error in how or where they’re placed, can change the meaning drastically.

  3. I would give t a 15, because it’s your first tat, and it has personal meaning to you. That’s all that realy matters,you know.
    I’m not so sure about the rainbow budda tat…it could be interpreted differntly, unless that’s the way you like it to be(?). Get what I’m saying? Rainbow…hmm…??
    But to each their own(personal happiness)!!
    Mama J


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