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How do you learn telepathy?

I know this sounds bat shit crazy but just be serious about this


  1. There are multiple ways: Sniff gasoline fumes, do lots of acid, become mentally retarded, or do the world a favor and kill yourself. Either one of those will work.

  2. sorry friend but its very difficult to just learn it. it usually gets passed down the family line but might be able to get via a mix of physical and spiritual contact usually sex. hope that helps

  3. Why are most of the answers you have received so far so negative towards telepathy?
    Just so you know, yes you can learn telepathy, I have. Keep in mind you usually can have telepathic communication easily with people, animals, that you are connected to. (family, friends, your pets)
    If you ever think of someone and then they phone you or you see them quite soon after, that means you were “thinking” of them, or in other word, “telepathy”, they rec’d the thought from you.
    It’s not unusual, nor is it a psychological problem. If you can become aware you are doing it, enjoy it, and learn from it, this ability will help you in many ways in your life.
    Just the other day, I was driving to work, and in my mind, I was struggling with a decision to change my job situation. I was thinking, who can I call, that will listen to my problem, and give me good advice. I thought, “I’ll call my friend, I wonder if she’s at home?” I swear, 2 seconds later, she drove by me on the street. The strange thing was, I was going to take a different route, and if I would have, I would not have seen her, but something told me to drive down that street, that morning. Just confirmation for me, that we are all connected. This instance also told me that she is the one friend I can rely on to help me talk through these sorts of situations.
    I thought of her, and 2 seconds later, I saw her. That’s telepathy. Does that really sound like a crazy person to you or all the others??

  4. You will have to find out if you have the talent. First learn and use Lucid dreaming. If you can control your dreams find a book on Dream Telepathy. If you have any talent at all it will begin to show up in those moments just before falling into a deep sleep and those moments of dreaming just before you wake.

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