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How do you learn telekinesis when you're paralyzed?

I’ve been paralyzed from the neck down and I am getting someone else to write this for me.
I really want to learn telekinesis because I think it would make my life so much easier.
Don’t make fun of me. I don’t want any silly answers ok? If your are going to make fun of me don’t post it.

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  1. i dont think its even possible, secondly telekinesis is moving objects with your mind you dont even need to move. have your friend look it up, try meditating rigorously idk but i seriously dont think its possible at all

  2. I would never make fun of you. To do so would be nothing short of imbecilic and sick.
    I will point out howevr that there is a floor in your thinking. See unfortuately you have come to conclusion that such delusions are real.
    So what you ask for cannot actually happen. I do wish that for your sake, and to help you make your life easier because you deserve an easier time of it, it could.
    You will have to look at at realistic things to help you. Sorry.

  3. One of the sad things about telekinesis/ psychic powers is that people who could really use them get their hopes up.
    Believing in the paranormal and mystical thinking is usually a harmless bit of silliness. Sometimes it can be cruel and dangerous.
    If things like you ask were possible. You wouldn’t need to ask strangers on a paranormal web site. Sadly, psychic abilities don’t exist. The lack of practical applications for such abilities pretty much proves that.
    The fact is, life goes on, I hope you make the best of yours.

  4. Hi, *warm smile*,
    I don’t think much good has come out of most answers here for you. The best suggestion I can give you is to have your friend go to http://www.irva.org and read up on various forms of esp. Then go to the esp testing area on the same website and play the games and take the tests. If after that you wish to continue, you might email of call some of the trainers mentioned on that site. They will be able to answer your questions in an honest manor with the seriousness in which you asked it.
    If you find some of these are things difficult for you, then not to worry…just email your questions to the people mentioned after you have had the web information read to you. Do not give up. There are forms of esp that you can participate in 🙂
    I am not a telekinesis person. Most of us here would honestly not be able to help you. I will give you a list of professional people to surf the web for… they are actively researching the area that you are seeking information about. I think this would be a perfectly wonder place to start. don’t be afraid to ask.
    Also, you didn’t mention how old you are. It doesn’t matter. There is a special doctor who does research on Children and their terminal illnesses in regards to dreaming and esp. He is a fine man, very professional and well respected. I think that he might be one to email and discuss what you would like to do. See info on him below. Any questions on the contacts just email me.
    Childrens Near-Death Experiences with Dr Melvin Morse
    (Melvin Morse) Explore Parapsychology, Psychical Research & Mind … Other ESP. History of Mediumship. Research on Mediums. DMILS & Healing. Field-PK. Macro-PK …www.psychicscience.org/vidnde2.aspx
    Living | Incredible Journeys — Dr. Melvin Morse Looks For Insight Into …
    Melvin Morse was exactly that type, a skeptical doctor-scientist headed for a … talk show called “The Other Side” about ESP, ghosts and paranormal phenomena. …community.seattletimes.nwsource.com/archive/
    Another excellent researcher in the field is Dean Radin
    [PDF] IONS Research Portfolio 2004 – Extended Human Capacities (Program Area 1)
    305k – Adobe PDF – View as html
    originally written by Dean Radin and. hosted by the Boundary Institute, has … Death, Dying, and Beyond “presentiment” phenomenon using. conscious report measures in …www.noetic.org/research/files/program1.pdf

  5. You should learn how to meditate first. And then you should learn how to use telekinesis because meditation can help you with telekinesis. To meditate, you just breath deeply, close your eyes, and empty your thoughts.
    And now for telekinesis, it requires a lot of chi and practice in order to achieve this. I am not sure, but just empty out your beliefs first, concentrate on a small object, and think that the object is you. You should go to Meditation-mantra.org for more information. http://meditation-mantra.org/alchemy/
    It’s a forum website that helps people, like you and me, to fulfill their true potential, educate, and give tips to people who needs help.

  6. Hi Allan,
    First, I would like to apologize for taking so long to answer your question, and would like to commend both Flames and Dragonfly for giving you respectful and helpful advice. After reading the other responses to your question, you probably would not be surprised at some of the sick, twisted things that some of the skeptic trolls post as questions in this section just to mess with people. But, I feel compelled to answer, because you seem genuine and because I can also offer advice that you will hopefully find constructive.
    I have been a telekinetic for 38 years, but had to teach myself. I have never learned meditation, so that might be one of the reasons I have trouble controlling my ability in some cases. Since I have psychic abilities, and have a history of psychic ability going back several generations in my family, I can’t tell you for certain that everyone has these abilities. Freud seemed to think so though. Either way, I can tell you that the most important thing is believing. In your case, since you will require help setting up your experiments, you should find an assistant who believes also.
    You also need to have plenty of patience and not strain past the point of getting a headache. If you are talking about developing the ability to use TK to grab a glass from the cabinet, open the fridge, pour a drink and then levitate it to you, I’m not sure what to tell you on that. If it is possible for you to develop your ability to that extent, it could take years (many, many years). In all the time I have been telekinetic, I have only managed that degree of control with 3 tasks which I will only perform when alone or in the company of only my close, personal, and trusted friends (I value my privacy and do not seek fame or fortune).
    I also wanted to suggest something which you perhaps have not considered. I have many psychic abilities, two of which are telepathy and healing.
    I believe it could benefit you to try to develop telepathy because it would help you communicate with others when (if) you need some quick or emergency help. If you have a need, but no one is within earshot, then you could use telepathy to convey your need and get them to come help you. Seriously. I’m not trying to be funny here. I have had some really cool telepathic experiences. I have found that once I can make a telepathic “connection” with someone, I can communicate with them no matter where they are. I have had regular success at a distance of 1,000 miles, and sometimes greater. I’m not suggesting that you need that kind of range, but hopefully you get my point.
    About the psychic healing, I’m not trying to get your hopes up or anything, but it wouldn’t hurt to try to develop that ability either. At the least, you might be able to learn to heal anything that goes wrong with you in the future. I have accomplished some rather incredible (and medically impossible, yet medically documented) things with psychic healing.
    Anyway, I hope I have been of some help to you, or at least given you some things to consider. Feel free to email me if you wish.
    Good luck.

    • hey bad dog I wish to speak to you realted to TK and telepathy since i have also achieved this, but the most i am capable of is to have visions of the future which i have had plenty, sad thing is i could never prove that.. exept one
      I have a real life friend who is my first and ONLY witness in a telepathy case please can u tell me your email i wish to speak of this in a more private manner to share knowledge and experiences 🙂
      And Allan… anything.. i REPEAT… anything is possible just BELIEVE in yourself and eliminate al prejudice and human mental condition so u can achieve a greater level of comprehension and knowledge and achieve Tk 🙂 and this comes from someone who has done this sort of stuff.. IT DOES EXIST no matter what, dont let ANYONE ELSE tell you it doesnt.. even online trolls.
      have a nice day ::D

  7. Remember this saying – “Whatever you can conceive & believe, you can achieve”. Once upon a time no one believed that one could fly (a-la airplane) or invisible rays ‘see’ through a human body (X-rays) or talk through the air (mobile phones), ..just to name a few. All psychic powers (this is my true belief) are out there (within our selves), but need to be developed. It may take some time but will started unlocking with effort. I am currently working on TK and telepathy..will share success stories as and when they happen (I know they will !). Do see this site :
    it gives some guidelines for beginners. I just happened to stumble upon this link and it looked practical. If it helps do let me know. All the best with your efforts to fruition of these powers..Cheers!


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