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How do you know your from shaman ancestry.?

I been getting weird visions or premonitions and I would know where it came from because I think im a decendent from a shaman because my parents are from Grenada and if I do have a special ”gift” how do I make my premonitions stronger.


  1. you could be having premonitions, or if it is stuff that seems like it happend already it could be scences from your past life. you find out this stuff by doing a geneology search. the only way to make your premonitions “stronger” as you put it, is pay attention to them, but dont turn it into some huge thing. just try to focus on what you are seeing, and interpret it as best you can. it may not actually be a premonition, but a kind of thing to be interprited like a dream. it may not be shaman ancestry at all. you need to do more research into what these “premonitions” actually are

  2. Shaman are passed down and must be apprenticed.If you were you would be apprenticed at a young age.Its something like a witch doctor

  3. Could do a genealogical search on your family ? Or just ask some of the members of your family if there are shaman ancestors.

  4. The fact that you may have shaman ancestry is really irrelevant. If you are getting these premonitions or visions then you obviously have a gift. The only way to make your gift stronger is to believe in it, trust it, and study everything you can find on the subject. I have spent time w/ these two Asian, twin psychics and I found when I was around others with similar gifts, mine would be stronger.


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