How do you know your aura?

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What is all that about?

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Isn’t that a car made by Saturn?

Silas G

Some people believe that the hazy glow that surrounds a person when you stare at them long enough while they are in front of a white background has some sort of significance. That cameras capture the same thing when blue or green-screening, which must be edited out afterward, is immaterial.
It’s an effect similar to the “mirage” pools of water you sometimes see on far away pavement on a hot day.
People then use standard color associations (red with love, blue with being calm, purple with being full of it-er-royal, etc) and good old fashioned cold reading to perform this cheap and easy parlor trick that requires no props or training whatsoever.


yes his name is Jesus, he is my hope and peace


You Have To Take A Kirlian Photograph Of Yourself And Your Aura Will Show. Then You Have To Ask Someone To Interpret That, A Psychic Or Some Thing

Rev. TomCat

Each person has an energy field around them, 360 degrees in a circle and on top and bottom. Withing that circle is an aura. There is photography now that can photograph it. Called Kurlin Photography or Aura Photography.
Years ago it would only photograph the hand. Now they can even take a computer full body photo or movie of it. Some people can see them with their eyes. Some gifted people even claim to be able to read them and tell you about your past lives or something you should do for your body. The Aura photos ate generalized and the colors may be many and that have characteristic attached that can be explained to you about your self. You may even see angels standing with you as indentations in the Aura.
Rev. TomCat

walter e

you need to be capable of that
it tells you your feelings … and what illness your negative feelings are doing to you … as well as how loving you are


Each person is a Bio-electric field. Some people are sensitive to these fields and able to see them naturally. through practice any one can learn to see the bodies bioelectric field.


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