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How do you know you have a dangerous poltergeist?

The past few months I’ve been seeing a seemingly porcelain man who has no face except to black as night eyes. Things have been shooting across my room at times and an old out of battery christmas music bear keeps playing music at night. Ive also been waking up with cuts and I’ve found flammable objects in the oven. Whenever I record audio there’s a voice in the backround. Is this going too far?


  1. Yup, sure is and it’s probably past time to do something about it.
    Get some bloodstones and place them in strategic locations (doorways, windows or anyplace else things are popping up). You may also want to cleanse/pray over your house.
    Get a cat too; they’re wonderful as far as sensing other-worldly energies and spirits. If the cat starts making some strange reaction then it’s time to act.
    It may be a battle to fight whatever this is that’s taken residence there. Believe in your faith whatever it may be and be prepared to fight back.

  2. It feeds off of fear and is weakened by anything pure…. a prayer of love,,,,, the word love…….or forgiveness,,,,,,, any word invoking the power of a good god or a loving prophet……
    find a picture of jesus or order an antique buddha or thangka,,,,, off ebay,,,,,,, Kwan Yin also…..
    also find a healer….. someone with sadness and love in their eyes……… have them bless or pray for it……..
    again…….. the more you fear it the more power it has,,,,,,

  3. fear is all that you need to fear.so fear not.try singing amazeing grace or jesus loves me, or the old rugged cross. when this demon manifest it self.if you still arent at peace then get holy water from a churtch and anoint the walls of each room with it.try haveing a prayer grupe the bigger and more often the better.lastly you mite move far away but be verry carefull he mite move with you if you feed him.

  4. Sounds dangerous to me. You may need help getting rid of it. It could be an evil spirit or demon. I have playful poltergeists. They move things, then put them back, play a radio in another room, things like that.

  5. I would get a preist or a christian to clense the house, you don’t have a ghost, but a demonic infestation. Don’t believe me, if you can’t get rid of it, I would move. The dead shoukd not make your skin crawl or scratch you.

  6. from your descriptions I would definitely say you have a dangerous poltergeist and should take appropriate action

  7. This one sounds pretty bad. A guy at DH’s job had a bad spirit in his house and it used to turn the wall pictures upside down and slam the cabinets open/shut. They had a Catholic priest do an exorcism or cleansing of some type. You could get holy water from a church if you’re Christian. If you’re not Xtian then go with white candles and cinnamon sprinkled around. No fear!!

  8. First of all, set up a camera in your kitchen toward your stove. Wait until the next thing happens. Maybe you are sleepwalking and doing this when you don’t know. If you see the oven door open by itself, then you will know.

  9. I’d definitely get a priest -or at least an altar boy if a priest’s not available. Stand behind him, and when the poltergeist appears, push him hard. If the sacrifice is accepted, it’ll leave you in peace and the problem’s solved. Priests and altar boys are a dime a dozen and expendable, so no harm there. Good luck.

  10. The term ‘poltergeist’ itself means harmful spirit. So, if you’ve determined that whatever is in your home is indeed a poltergeist and not just a spirit, then I suggest some sort of cleansing. Hopefully you can rid your house of it, although I’ve found that spirits tend to be attached to people and not dwellings.

  11. Hi. I urge u to tune into your gut instinct about the feeling u get from this spirit. if its bad, get help or maybe see a medium at your home.

  12. you’ve got a problem but dont give into the poultergiest .
    1. get a cross a little one like a neckless, try to get a silver one beause wards off or hurts supernatural beings.
    2.if your not comfortable by yourself because of this poultergiest try to stay near over people , if theres no one around try to distract yourself with some thing the you enjoy doing and if you hear noises ingnore them.
    3. dont run from it, it will follow you but rarely strikes when around large group of people
    4. do not bless your house unless you are willing to be good (example no swearing, innapropriate things or anything that can cause negative energy)
    5.pray before going to sleeping, to have pleasant dreams
    6.do not provoke it or try to contract it because contacting it will allow it to much more worse things.
    7. when did this start happening or did this start happening when you brought a certain totem , idol or object
    contact me if you need some help or some questions

    • can anyone please help me ? we moved in to our house 2 years ago my husband and 12 year old son and 3 cats , the first week we moved in my face swelled and every time I came into the house I became unwell , we thought it may have been cleaning fluid that the council had used , so we had to move in with a friend for weeks , when council could not find what it was we moved back in and things were fine , then 2 weeks later a water pipe burst flooding place , we have 3 more leaks , then my friend bought her dog round to see us , he went berserk in our kitchen barking at the wall , 3 nights later something pulled my hair and the bed started shaking , my husband did not believe me until few nights later reading in bed it happened to him , my 12 year old son started to have conversations in his sleep and kept screaming no , lights keep turning on and off , and my son who was a very fit karate expert became unwell , he had a virus and now has cronic fatigue syndrome and has now been off school for a year and half , my cats who were all strong and young all died quick , we called someone in and they took a recording and a mans voice said my sons name and that he would not leave him , we have tried to keep this all from my son , but he keeps saying to me , that when I leave the house he can hear someone in the kitchen , the people who came round to help had a new helper who cried in my sons room saying something bad was in the room , when she said this his turned off and she ran lol , something keeps blowing in my face and I have now become unwell the past few weeks , the bed keeps shaking which wakes me , and I keep seeing lights out the corner of my eyes , tonight I was home alone because I felt unwell and son and husband went out and I was sitting watching telly when I could hear someone in the kitchen , and then in my sons room walking , it was so loud I went and sat in front garden and called husband to come home , other stuff as happened , things keep moving , doors I have locked at night are wide open in the morning , I don’t drink smoke nor any drugs or medication , usually very well and fit and own my own business and also professional musician , my husband who is total non believer in anything like this has said maybe we do need to call for some help , so if anyone can give me some advice please it would be very much appreciated , because my son keeps saying depressing thoughts are crossing his mind xx oh and one more final thing is , that whenever we try to decorate the house , mirrors or shelves fall off in other rooms and last time we were painting downstairs we herd a bang upstairs and a ornament that my uncle had left me had smashed in my bedroom , no windows were open at the time , xx

  13. hey I’m Andy I have a problem because I live in a group home and theirs a lot of negative energy and I got attacked by two poltergeist in my sleep a lady and a man I was so scared they were chocking me and trying to suffocate me, I tried everything I was saying prayers as they were on me and I had my cross and everything but nothing worked and all my stuff in my room was trashed and no one came to help me not even staff I’ve been in pain and I’ve been trying my hardest to stay calm and collective but they keep coming back and tormenting me I even have holy water witch burns me and makes my skin red I tried everything I can, can you please help me????


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