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How do you know when you are transcending from one spiritual level to another?

I have been undergoing a great shift in my spiritual awareness. In some ways, I feel like I took a giant leap backwards and in other ways a giant leap forward.
Within the physical state of what my body has been feeling, I feel anxious and sometimes close feeling panic, but I feel, for some reason, that I am moving forward and feel more awake and alive than I have in years.
I feel that I am awakening after experiencing a long dark night in my life.
Spiritually Speaking, what does this indicate?
How can a person choose “best answer” when so many are best?


  1. once all the masks and costumes are removed, you will feel authentic, without attachments. Get acquainted with everything, go deeper with ‘it’. Don’t avoid anything. The whole life story is a strange drama land; you finally feel a lift off your shoulders too. we come from some unknown source. Suddenly we are gone, back to the original source. This is a few days’ journey: make it as joyous as possible.
    So for the first time that mind becomes meditative, love appears to be like a bondage. And in a way it is true, because a mind that is not meditative cannot really be in love with everything.
    Once you are settled, when you can go in no further, you have reached the core of your being, the bottom rock, then you are centered. Suddenly energy is available but now there is nowhere to go. The outer journey stopped when you started meditating, and now the inner journey is also complete. You are settled, you have reached home. This energy will start overflowing. It is a totally different type of movement, the quality of it is different because it has no motivation. Before, you were moving toward others with a motivation, now there will be none. You will simply be moving toward others because you have so much to share.
    Before you were moving as a beggar, now you will be moving like an emperor. Not that you are seeking some happiness from somebody…that you have already. Now the happiness is too much, the cloud is so full it would like to rain. So don’t be disheartened, or make it a style of life, it is just a passing phase. Renunciation is a passing phase…celebration is the goal of life. Live from the nature of things.

  2. Sounds about right. Every time you awaken to a new level of spirituality you are forced to take a huge leap out of your comfort zone. Suddenly the physical world takes on a completely different meaning. Many of our actions within it seem to lose their meaning and people who are not spiritually aware cease to make sense. And then, just when you start to get things figured out again some happy little revelation will come along and turn you all sideways again.
    Welcome, congratulations and good luck on your journey. You are not alone though you may feel that way at times. Stay strong and keep moving forward.
    With Love,
    Shane K.

  3. Feelings of inner peace, relaxation, awakening and quiet outer efficiency in spite of the apparent anxiety and unsettling nature are the signs of growing in spirituality.

  4. I have experienced this dual feeling you speak of. A part of you worries but another part refuses to go there & dwell in it.
    For me, I call it jumping a ring or level. It usually manifests as suddenly all the pieces that fit together no longer do for a time. The ground I walk that was so familiar no longer is, & for a short time there is doubt & confusion. I no longer react to this feeling because experience tells me it is reorganization & will pass in a short time & when it does I see everything from a clearer POV with greater insight & understanding.
    In those times I pull in just a bit & observe what is happening around me & within me. I know it is not the world changing but I who am changing. The best “help” I can give this change is to not stop it, to be the quiet observer in wakefulness. Usually, in a short time all the pieces of the puzzle come back together in a new & improved form & I approach all from a different viewing point!
    Many Blessings!

  5. You will notice a difference in how you perceive things, you see the bigger picture as your consciousness expands. The higher the level of spiritual awareness, the bigger the picture you will see. That is why Shamans refer to it as the Eagle. It is an accurate abstract description of what is happening as you rise above everything and see it from all angles. 🙂
    Practicing Shaman…. quantum physics rocks.

  6. This is an unique experience.
    God puts several types of tests. The kind of evaluation technique applied by God is unmatched. I feel our mind is also in HIS safe custody. We have to be destined to have divine knowledge. It is possible only with divine grace.
    Sorry I cannot explain further.

    • Sorry naguru but your answer is not even close to being correct, all humans may have divine knowledge, there are no chosen few. It is simply a matter of awakening and realizing, also the supreme being is neither male nor female, so for you to say him is another mistake, you my friend have much to learn, please go and study and learn what you are speaking about .

  7. It indicates transition, this is all. Whether it is “good” or “bad” is to lose sight of the very purpose for the transition. It is yours to make it what it is.
    Being aware to “shifts”, if you will, is all that is required so that you may ready yourself for your “new” self. However remember that this is only based on perceptions, and a miracle is nothing more than a shift in perception. The rest… is up to you.
    Know this, God’s purpose for us is in the preparation not the destination.

  8. This is very good! Please do not be afraid! As long as you feel “lifted” just let the angels carry you! 😀
    I too am having a similar experience! I have been seeking answers for a very long time now. What I am learning and gaining is incredible!
    I feel more lifted than I could ever have imagined! I do not feel panic but such a great sense of relief. I have broken through the cloud cover, the glass ceiling, the feeling of being forever subdued…
    I feel freedom as never before. I have broken out of the mold.
    I don’t know how else to explain this. But is feels absolutely divine!
    I hope and pray, this is what you feel too! 😀

  9. Levels are like words, just a way of understanding things but nothing in themselves.
    You’re growing spiritually and that is what’s important.
    I wouldn’t put too much emphasis on levels. You feel more awake and alive, why label things?

  10. You are awaking to a knowledge of God. He is the beginning a and end of all spiritual things.
    To realise there is much more out there can make you feel small, but as you said you’ve taken a giant step forward.
    For many when they start to grasp spiritual things they get excited, but for a great many more it turns their life upside down. And th feel as you do.
    But, I was you to know you don’t have to fear the un know. The spiritual awakening you have had is like waking up from a dark night, into the light. If you wish to continue on this journey, God’s love can and will get rid of your anxious heart. Pray: talk to him about what your feeling.

  11. You get signs from God that is all I can tell you and trust me you will see them from God when they come :)))
    I have gone through something in the past 4 years to say my light is strong …………trust in the signs and even your dreams as well………..
    Your awareness level is key to tell you if you are transcending or not………and this only you can know :))) all the best on your journey :)) Love light and peace :))

  12. When your elevator operator says “7th floor … Spirituality, Enlightenment, and all things to do with the LIGHT”
    It’s really quite easy .. just keep your ears tuned for the call …
    I AM

  13. The key to all this awareness -is to return to a childlike state. We go thru this proceess of enlightment so we can return back to our Creator (the way we came -aa a child.) Traveling this spiritual road is tough -the road becomes narrow and few understand nor choose it- the soul is being purified so it can go HOME-Heaven awake!!


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