How do you know when you are receiving a message through telepathy?

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I currently started looking up information on telepathy and I found some interesting facts. On one sight it said you can receive a message in clairvoyance ‘thought form’ which sounds like someone is talking to you. I have had this happen to me but I am not sure if this was telepathy. I believe so because I have had other occurences of telepathy. I am hoping someone can give me insight about this. Thanks!
The telepathy message I believe I recieved only happened twice and it was a single word. (Hey)

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If you are hearing voices then you need to get some mental help right away. Thats a sign of schizophrenia.


You’ll get a bill in about 30 days….


When your ears are ringing then you have a call.


I’m not sure it’s telepathy or not, but I feel an intense focus. If it’s from an individual in my environment, I am compelled to look at that person. I’ve never not been accurate. I receive messages from my dead father. He died when I was 9 mo. old. He sends me suggestions. Sometimes I have an impression of him in my peripheral vision, but when I turn to focus, the impression is not there. There have been other incidences, but not so strong as these.


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