How do you know when something is worth your time, effort and energy?

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I mean when you have a problem.

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Guess it depends on how much energy is charged up inside of you. It’s simply worth the time, just to release that energy.


Something is worth my time and energy when the benefits i recieve from it are greater than the benefits i could recieve from anything else i could do during that same period of time, with the same amount of energy.




i usely weigh things out in my heart iask myself should i or should i not,and which ever puts a heavyness there is no,everybody try it its called heart felt if it makes your heart light when you say it then that is your answer,sorta like a stress test if you feel heavyness or frustration when you say it No is your answer

Joe J

You don’t ever really know if something is worth you time and effort, unless you actually experience it first, you kinda have to use you better judgment.
If you feel that someone or something is worth your time or a worthy cause go for it, but if you have any doubts don’t do it.


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