Home Discussion Forum how do you know when someone is using black magic against you?

how do you know when someone is using black magic against you?

i got in a big fight with one of my sisters that practices black magic or rituals & all of a sudden i started getting this feelings of worthlessness & depression…& started having dreams of her & evil spirits…i was awake but i couldn’t open my eyes…i was grasping for air…& i couldn’t move at all…& i wanted to yell or something to see if someone could hear me but nothing came out of my mouth cause i had no control over it…


  1. Ask yourself:
    Do I live in the 21st century?
    If the answer is yes, no one is using black magic against you.

  2. It happens to a lot of people. You were mentally conscious, but you were actually still technically sleeping so your body wouldnt respond.

  3. Don’t believe in it and it shouldn’t have any effect on you. If that doesn’t work make witch’s holy water with sea salt and spring water and sprinkle it around your house/room/apartment. Imagine a white light enveloping your body and protecting you.

  4. You experienced sleep paralysis. It is not magic in any way, it is a psychosomatic state which can be brought on by periods of stress, like a big fight with your sister.

  5. When many things go wrong and stressful. Use Holy water and Pray. Light a white candle and pray for protection and for God to punish whoever is harming you. Works for me against my enemies who are Satanists. Iv been threatened many times and yes I have gotten severely sick, after lighting a white candle and praying hard, I am better.

  6. You start to get REALLY hairy and during full moons turn into the form of a humanoid wolf. You might feel tempted to howl at the moon and eat humans. Oh yeah and if you touch anything made outta silver your skin begins to sizzle!

  7. There is no black magic. What you experienced is a combination of a dream (brought on by suggestion) and a common effect of sleep that sometimes persists on waking. When you’re in dream sleep, your body (with VERY good reason) paralyzes you. If you wake too soon/too quickly, you will still be paralyzed when you’re awake.
    Read about hypnogogia and hypnopompia and other sleep effects on wikipedia, or google ‘sleep paralysis’

  8. Did you say your SISTER? Wow. That is horrible. No family loyalty. Then we wonder why people aren’t nice to strangers? Then again some are nice to strangers and rotten to their family. I am sorry for you. Gosh darn that’s sad.
    I like Friends of the Angels advice.

  9. Dreams are the gateway to magic – the dream realm is where one can interfere with the emotions and thoughts of another….. many people pay little attention to their dreams – despite the fact that dreams help shape the way we react to “everyday” life.
    She very well could be interfering with you. But how will you handle this? Confronting her would be a good idea, see how she reacts.
    You know your sister – is she open and flamboyant with her “black magic” and “philosophies”?
    For those who truly know – usually don’t speak. They will never risk exposing their existence, not even to family members. If your sis falls into this category, then she might be a true practitioner of the “craft”.
    In that case, your dreams might not be dreams but energy being sapped by real magicians – they trigger emotional responses from you that become embedded and then in your struggle back to equilibrium you compensate by causing a surge in that emotion, and then you form a subconscious habit of repeatedly triggering these emotions – that is until you release them by facing something that you fear…. what a beautiful and sinister game it can be….. 😉
    or it might be nothing at all – just your own subconscious projections running away with you – we all have nightmares.

  10. that same thing has happened to me before: your sleeping, then you wake up and even though you are still a little whoozy , you know your awake. no matter how hard you try, you cant say a SINGLE WORD and you finally manage to make some stupid grunting noise to “break the ice”, then your back to normal, right?
    It happens to everyone, dont know why, but the only reason that i can think of is subconcious stressing out.
    We dont even know each other, yet we, and bazillions of other people have experienced this. what do we and a bazillion of randow peple have in common……..STRESS!!!!!!!!
    dont worry yourself

  11. You know. What you have reported verifies it. How sad for your sister. This will come back on her……much worse than she is hoping for you.
    Get your butt to church and pray! I was under the spell of a man with a demonic attachment…..I am an unmarked soul and am beginning classes to become Catholic.
    Each time the rosary is prayed it is like a blow to Satan’s head. Satan is the source of power in black magick.
    God is more powerful than Satan and good is stronger than evil.
    God, please release Satan’s power from this nice young woman and protect her from his evil. Please make her sister realize how foolish she is in practicing black magick and take Satan’s power from her hands and fill her heart with your love. Please forgive her for being led astray by Satan and allow her to see she is wrong. May your love open her eyes and encourage her stop hurting her own family.
    God, protect this member of the Yahoo Answers community from harm. Hold her in you hands and protect her. Show her you love her.
    In Jesus’ name I pray, Lord.
    Read Psalm 23
    Blessings and may peace be with you.

  12. Sounds like a demon. She could have very well summoned a demon to attack you. Either way, You need God’s help to rid that. The longer you wait, the worst it gets. If it happens again rebuke it in Christ name. When you use the real name of Christ there is more power “Yahushuwah” Rebuke it in Yahushuwah’s holy name. Remember, Ephesians 6:12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”
    Also you should check out this new trilogy that talks about this stuff. Here’s a short trailer from one of her demo’s.
    It created by a young aspiring artist. Its really cool. Its better than Harry Potter which promotes witchcraft, a demonic pandemic. This trilogy talks about God. Its Called Gordon’s Quest at
    Been following it. Its so amazing and very true. Gives me strength and reminds me that someone out there understands the current situation of spiritual warfare. Hope this helps.

  13. I think my sister is using witchcraft, I came home the other night and down my sidewalk which was covered with fresh snow a line was drawn from the top of my steps all the way down to the end of the sidewalk. I am a Christian and I heard that she has cast some spells against me , I am unaware of what spells they are. Is there anything I can do to protect myself and my family. One of my sisters said tp put sea salt outside my front door to ward against evil.
    Another time I was at the airport with my sister and niece and we were sitting at a table and this sister who does spells came into the airport. Then she came to our table and walked three times around us and she was chanting, then she walked away. The three of us felt a warmth like an orb around us, and it felt like we were being protected from what she was doing. My other question to you can I reverse the spells she has put on us even if I do not know what they are. I fear I need to get an answer as soon as possible for she is now in my city and she is angry at me, and also she is staying a couple of blocks from where I live for the next two weeks.
    Thank you for your e mediate attention in this matter.

  14. It is very real. But most people do not know how it works. You essentially conjure an entity to do your bidding. Most people who practice magic do not know that something is being summoned. They bring something that will get things done however it wants unless specified. There IS magic. The supernatural DOES exist. I have captured several spirits on photos. Do not fool yourself.


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