How do you know what color aura you have?






  1. Honestly you find someone who reads peoples aura and they will explain it and what it means. I do not go Auras yet. Some Wiccans do Auras.

  2. i think there r rings that do that.
    also, it just depends on the mood.
    happy, light going is like a light color, like pink or white or something.
    moody and brooding is a dark color, like black.
    thats what i think. oh, i can sense people’s auras, sort of. like, brooding moody i stay away because they snap very easy. light going i stay away from cause i tend to annoy them a lot. :/
    my aura might be blue or green. *laughing*

  3. I agree with Shorty – they probably change. Also, auras are kind of part of a different spectrum. It’s like how some animals can see UV or IR light – it’s a different colour which we can’t see. So – I don’t really know, I’m guessing – auras are difficult to express in normal terms.
    As a simple method, I think it’s the colour you see when you’re in a good mood and you close your eyes – it’s the colour behind your eyelids. Maybe. I’m no expert.

  4. Some people have the ability to see them, you can learn to see them it just takes a bit of time.
    Your aura colour changes from time to time from what I have heard, so it isn’t always a set colour.

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