Home Discussion Forum How do you know if you've opened a chakra?

How do you know if you've opened a chakra?

How can you tell? What should I expect.


  1. You will feel the energy flow though your body like a summer tide on a mediteranian beach…then say ohm 3 times and wave your purification wand over your body. Congratulations, you’ve just wasted 20 minutes of your life 🙂

  2. If your chakras were actually closed, you’d be dead. Research what they actually are – they are energy portal areas found along the energy meridians that run through your body. There are dozens of meridian lines that run throughout your body. Get a Chinese acupuncture chart and have a look at them.
    The energy that runs through these portals (Chakras) and up and down the meridian lines is your life force energy. This is why if your chakras were actually closed you would no longer function but would die.
    There are also more Chakras than just those that are found up the center of the body. There are also hand and feet chakras and more.
    Anyone who tells you your chakras are closed but they can help you open them, is looking for money.
    You CAN tell though, when you have caused a surge of energy through one or more of them. You can feel it as a kind of a glow, a gathering of energy in that spot that can feel warm, may feel like its vibrating a bit, you’ll generally be able to notice it right away. It can be fairly strong.


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