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How do you know if you're a psychic vampire?

by Kailah S:

I’ve been researching a lot, and I bought the Psychic Vampire Codex by Michelle Belanger, though I haven’t finished reading it yet. I see so many coincidences between myself and what is described as a psychic vampire: I’m depressed when I’m not around people, often get in verbal fights (which sometimes strangely make me feel a little better), I’m drawn to really energetic people, I’ve become really sensitive to light, I burn really easily and become fatigued in the sun or sunlight, I heal quickly, I can almost always tell what someone else is feeling (kind of a sensitivity), at night I become most energetic, I get dehydrated easily, people tend to feel drained after being around me too long, I’ve had major diet changes the last two years (I eat far less), people tend to subconsciously avoid me, I have dreams that come true days later, I’ve had dreams about becoming a vampire before (not in a Twilight way, to make that clear), I get energetic around lightning, I can affect the energies of my pets, I see things out of the corner of my eye that aren’t there, I can predict small events, etc. A little about me–I’m 14, 5’1” (I look really young for my age). I’ve seen a doctor and they haven’t found anything wrong with me.
Do you think I could be? I’d love help, please, because this is really confusing. If I am, I don’t really understand how to feed, or how you know if you are. Please e-mail me if you can help in any way, if not, please respond. Don’t bother telling me there is no such thing as vampires or I read too much Twilight–I’ll ignore your comments anyways, and this is completely different. My question is posted in this section because I know this is where the right people will see it.

Answer by HAHAHA
I’m not psychic or a vampire and all of those things, except for the seeing things that aren’t there from the corner of my eye apply to me.
There is your answer.


  1. Me too but i have need experiencing the same problems as bella ever since i finished the books and that day was a lunar eclipse and the autumns EQUINOX and the clock stroke 12 when i finished breaking dawn

  2. The term “Psychic Vampire” was originally coined by Anton LaVey to describe a person who uses guilt to obligate someone to do things for him/her. A psychic vampire is one who constantly gets people to focus their energy on the vampire, thus draining the victim of precious time and energy.
    All these other people claiming psychic vampires literally drain actual energy from a human body are full of crap.

  3. Your probably just a fair skinned, people person with a wacky diet. As for the dreams, I’ve had them too. It happens sometimes. And seeing stuff out of the corner of your eye. That happens to 99.999999999999999999999999% of the population dear. The rest of it is really quite normal. Your not a vampire. Nor are you psychic.
    If all these things made you psychic or a vampire, then I’d probably be too. Along with about 3 billion other people. Okay? Just because you read something about a vampire and see similarities it doesn’t mean its true.

  4. urm vampires don’t exist as far as we know, as theres no physical, corporeal evidence of a living, breathing vampire

  5. I believe you…… I kinda think i know a psi vampire.I do try to avoid them….. I also do get tired around them…..It only took me
    a day to figure out a vampire……. If vampires don’t exist,then why
    would the psi vampire i think i know be pale? I did some research on psi vampires to.My friend said they can read minds and hypnotize.I’m not sure if she caused it,but i have gotten nausea at the place i was at.. she was there to.I think i I know the main reason people avoid psi vampires…..in the research every page i looked up on it said: If a victim is fed on to long the victim could get very ill.Anyone with any job is possible to be one.I am not worried. None of the symptoms describe me.I have to see a psi vampire almost everyday and it takes a few days to recover.Also i often end up staring at her,though i am trying not to. I am not sure if she is burnt by light.My friends say i’m crazy because i believe vampires are real

  6. Actually, the same is happening to me. I had one of y freinds (who apparently was a decendant of Dracula) check me and I was one. A Physic Vampire will stop eating food and feed of depression, like an Energy Vampire. You probably are one. Welcome to Vampire-hood.


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