how do you know if your "Aura" is bad? How long does it take for bad karma to go away?

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Is it possible to have an unclean Aura all the time? What to do? If you do something bad to a person- how, when,how long, and how many times does it take for the karma to pay it’s dues?

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if you do somethin bad to another person it can either come back to you 3 times worse or 10 dependin on who you ask. bad karma doesn’t necessarily go away. it all depends on how bad it was and whether or not you’re learnin from it. if you do have bad karma that doesn’t mean your aura is bad. you can have a clean aura but bad karma or an unclean aura and good karma. just depends on the circumstances of your life

Tater Salad

I am a believer in Karma. One of the reasons I come on here to help others is to keep the balance. If you’re in tune with yourself, you can feel when things aren’t right or feel out of sorts. The more positive your actions, the more I feel your aura reflects it. Good luck.


Change your room around fung shwai you’ll fell better or go to a psychic some can see auras


I met someone here where I am who has both orange and gray I know what the colors mean seperet but I don’t know what they mean when they are together can any of you tell me when it means the boy that I seen it around is very kind I just just want to know why does he have both a unclean and a clean aura


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