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How do you know if your astral traveling (out of body experience) of if your just dreaming?


  1. I’ve done both. In astral traveling, I am deeply entranced, not asleep. If I’m asleep, I don’t have any control over where I find myself.

  2. astral projection is extremely rare to happen while sleeping, that’s a safe way to tell
    If you feel as if you’re floating or flying, no matter how “real” the experience feels, and if you are asleep, it’s a dream.
    If while awake and restful you float and see your body beneath you, then you are having an astral projection

  3. OK here goes. I’ve done it twice but had proof once. I lied down being exausted for the night. My 2 children were in bed. I couldn’t remember if I had locked up the house. I tried getting up but, couldn’t move. My eyes were closed. Then I felt a pulling from my stomach and I felt my back arching with the pull of my stomach. All of a sudden I was in the kitchen. I noticed the door was secure and felt relieved. Then I watched my son come out of his room that was off the kitchen. He unlocked the door, and I was asking him what he was doing. He acted as if I wasn’t there. He opened the door and our cat came in. He locked the door and went back to bed. As I was going back to bed through the living room I saw the cat jump on the coffee table and lie down. As I reached the bedroom I had a huge jolt and bolted up. I was still where I was from the beginning. I called my son into the room and asked him if he had let the cat in a minute ago. He said yes. I asked him where the cat was. He looked into the living room and said, “sleeping on the coffee table.” Then I asked him if he heard me talking to him in the kitchen. He said no, why were you there? I dropped the subject, told him to go back to bed. I know for a fact that I Astral projected.
    So if you can’t move-or bolt up after you couldn’t move you have Astro projected. Hope this helps.

  4. your vision will be way more clear, you will be able to fly just by wanting to fly, you can teleport by wanting to teleport, and you can stick your hand through the wall. : )

  5. will someone clarify for me its happening more and more i hear either a mans voice or womans voice clear as day in my mind then i feel my astral body rise and i kinda fall out of my physical body and fly around the sitting room with practise is it able to control it

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