• I am told often that I am very negative, I’m 13 and I have thoughts of suicide I don’t know what to do I’m always stressed and get mad and frustrated about everything and make other people’s day misserable. Help.

  • Hi, my name is Lucy and i am from jamesville indiana i have you know that im a christian and negativty is more like something bringing you down (The devil) and one way to get rid of it is clean yourself spritually =)

  • There is nothing like negative energy. One may have negative feelings and emotions. One may direct the efforts for negative aims.
    But the energy itself is not negative.

  • I don’t know about symptoms , but if people are always
    growling at you…. if people are running from you mid – sentense
    if they avoid you soon as they see you.

    Then you can be pretty sure your throwing some negative
    energy out there !

    The thing i think you need to say to yourself is think possitive
    do positive things and watch the positve feed-back , instead of
    negative feed back… that is the simplest way to explain it.

  • Its impossible to have negative energy. You can have low energy though, which would mean you feel tired often, and can’t concentrate. Do you mean negative personality? This would mean that you are often pessimistic, you are always looking for the bad in things, and in people, and you take pleasure in finding the bad in situations and people.

  • Depression, bad attitude, constantly arguing over insignificant stuff, distructive behavior (Smoking, excessive drinking, self inflicted wounds, thoughts of suicide)…being cynical, being judgemental, and generally anything of an anti-social nature…

    • wow uhmmmm i have ALL of those symptoms =/ should i be worried??? I bought a hematite ring to “take away negative energy” but I don’t even know if it’s real 😮

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