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How do you know if you are lucid dreaming?

Some people say lucid dreaming is just when you know your dreaming. Others say it is when you can controln your dreams. im confused….=[ but, I just woke up 10 minutes ago from a dream. i was napping, usually when I remember my dreams, i remember them in 3rd person, like im seeing myself, but this time this was 1st person, like i was actually there. My dream was this. I was in my house, and it looked the same as it does now, usually in dreams my stuff looks different. My dad was cooking sausages, and I went into my bathroom…I turned on the lightswitch, and it wouldnt come on. i began to get angry, and then i turned it off, and then it would flicker on and then go off. then i tried turning it on again and again, and it wouldnt come on but a flicker…but the light came on after a while. my toilet was different..i was scared in my bathroom because i felt like there was someone after me in my dream. thats why none of my lights were working.
but right now, my little sister is on my computer, she was also on it in my dream…it was just like the way it was now. except my dad wasnt cooking. hes sleeping right now. anyways, i began to ghet scared in my bathroom…and then i got frustrated…and i was carrying a plate in my hand. it was dark in my hallway so i turned on the hall light, nothing but a flicker, but when i turned it off, then it came on. then i walked down the hallway, and turned, and theres another switch for the same hallway, like how there is in real life for me. and when i reached the other hallway, the light went off. i flipped the switch and nothing would come on..but a flicker. then i just got realy mad and came in my room and sat my plate by my computer and my cat was lying on my bed. my cat began coming over to my plate to start sniffing it, i put my hand in front of his face…and i was getting angry and scared in my room alone. and then i woke up for like a minute, then closed my eyes, and it
seemed like as soon as i closed my eyes for that extra minute, i went back into the dream…and then i opened my eyes another minute, and this time i was fully awake. and it seemed like that dream i had wasnt even a dream, like i was really IN it donig all this stuff..but i didnt know i was dreaming…i felt like in the dream it was real life…i dont know if i was controlling the stuff or not, cuz i didnt know i was dreaming because i didnt know i was sleeping. i thought i was really up walking around. it was weird..and then i woke up and found out i wasnt up walking around…i was just dreaming it.


  1. Honestly, I didn’t read your whole question … my attention span is a little lacking, and it was a bit of a run on.
    Sounds like lucid dreaming. Often, if you can flip a light switch in your dream, while thinking “I’m going to flip on this light switch,” then you’ve got it. The light usually won’t turn on in the dream, however.
    Lucid dreams are usually slightly more realistic, like the one you described, but odd enough to make you feel unsettled.

  2. If it were a lucid dream, I would expect that, knowing it was a dream, you wouldn’t have been perturbed by anything that happened in the dream. You said you were getting angry at the lights – that kills it for me.

  3. Lol this might sound rediculous but last night, Bruce Willis was in my dream, and i was like this villian from 1 of his films, and i saw him rite, so i got myself up from my buddies with a gun and started chasing him though the streets and we where shooting at each other. I knew i was controlling my dream cuz whenever we run out of ammo, he drops his guns and i throw mines directly at his forehead, and i would find another gun out of nowhere. He had like a hawaiian shirt. And also, i could run like real life, but in other dreams i had my legs could bearly move even if i wanted them to. I think we had an suv chase though th freeway, driving on the rong side of the road, dodging cars, to the marina, where he got on a boat, and i followed, then we became friends and we did boat tricks, seeing who can jump the highest and exert the most Gs on the body lol. I think i jumped, vertically, 8 stories high with my boat, which is impossible, and i stood on this bar, i wanted to sit, so i did, but the g forces went away so i stood up agian. So yes i think lucid dreams happen, if ur having this much fun lol.


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