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How do you know if you are a Shaman?

I’m a 13 year old girl and I watched this show and it talked a little bit about Shamans. Now I’m really into it and I was wondering how do you know if you are a Shaman. Some places say that you have a trauma in your 20’s or a near death experience but I was wondering if you could find out at my age.


  1. Amusingly due to the nature of the faith it can change dramatically from one requirement to another.
    Some of them i’ve looked over simply require the individual to be spiritually aware, in which case just about anyone who follows a faith qualifies as a shaman.

  2. Well, this one is actually pretty simple.
    To be a shaman you must believe in Shamanism. However, this does not automatically make you a Shaman. Saying you are a shaman just because you believe in shamanism is like going to a church once and saying you are a priest.
    Essentially, shamans are the priests of Shamanism. You need to be trained, some countries require you to be a certified “card-carrying” shaman. like Britain.

  3. 1. (noun) shaman, priest-doctor
    in societies practicing shamanism: one acting as a medium between the visible and spirit worlds; practices sorcery for healing or divination
    As there is no such thing as ‘spirit worlds’ and you cannot use ‘sorcery for healing’ there is no such thing as a REAL ‘shaman’, only deluded people who imagine they are!
    If you think you suffer from delusions then maybe you could class yourself as a ‘shaman’, but just remember, you will be suffering from a DELUSION!!

  4. You take many years of training and when you have earned it your mentor passes the title on to you.
    The existing Shaman usually watched for who he/she should train next.

  5. It’s my understanding that “natural” shamans experience what
    is referred to as a “calling” in some cultures. But it is hardly
    that. The child experiences dreams of strange and terrifying
    nature, of animals and half animals. They are “distracted” and
    unable to focus on their daily chores. They sometimes see
    those who have passed on.
    They may experience Initiation in the Spirit World, which
    consists of a vivid nightmare of being chased by demons,
    caught, dismembered, and the flesh stripped from their
    bones. Then the bones are counted. Then the flesh is
    ‘returned’ to the bones…but instead of some organs…
    “power crystals” are substituted.
    But many will not have the “Initiation Dream”. In the
    cases of those “distracted”, the parents (if the culture
    includes shamanism) will contact a local shaman for
    a Healing. And the shaman figures out quickly that
    the child is not sick…but is a “fledgling” shaman…and
    begins the Training.
    In other cases, which I suspect is your situaiton, a person
    is “drawn” to or develops an Interest in shamanism. These
    people must either travel far to a known shaman and
    apprentice themselves…OR when of legal age take some
    coursework in such.

  6. The word ‘shaman’ is over used. A true Shaman is a follower of the Russian tribal spiritual path. These days archeologists and anthropologists have dubbed the word ‘Shaman’ to mean any person who performs the priestly functions of sacrifice, herd calling, divination and healing for the tribe. Whether this person is a Medicine Man or Woman (as in the case of the First Nation tribes) or a Drui, as in the Celtic tribes, or whatever other name might be correct; these people go through years of training by the current priest of priestess of their tribe. Children who show a tendency toward the gifts of the ‘shaman’ are often taken for testing once they reach adulthood. At 13 you are too young to even begin to know. I suggest you read Good, Historically Accurate and well Researched Scholarly books on shamanism so you can really understand what it is all about. It is not for kids. You are riding the spirit waves to another world where many terrible things can and do happen. You are not doing it for ‘fun’, you do it to heal or to help your tribe.

  7. There’s no such thing as ‘spirit waves’ or the ‘spirit world’. People who call themselves ‘Shaman’ are just deluded.
    There are no ghosts, no spirits, no demons, no angels, no heaven, no hell, no god, no jesus, no devil.
    It’s all just made up. There’s just us and the rest of the universe. And the universe is incredible and beautiful and wonderful. There’s no need to add fictions to it and pretend they’re real.

    • To Mr. Clever:
      Since the beginning of western philosophy, its constituents have struggled to solve the Problem of Induction. The problem is that Inductive Reasoning never gives us certainty–it can only tell us what is “approaching truth,” not what is Eternally True. Science claims to be predicated on deductive reasoning, and for all intents and purposes, this works for humanity. However, when the mind enters the world of metaphysics or the spirit world, the rules of science don’t necessarily apply, and this is possible because any truth as it pertains to this “physical world” is not exempt from the problem with inductive logic.
      My favorite remedy for the mind that is struggling to find a perspective in which the material and immaterial worlds become integrated is this scientific study:
      Science doesn’t tell us about consciousness, nor does it tell us about the True Essence of anything physical. It observes, finds consistencies (thru inductive logic), makes predictions, tests, concludes, and employs these findings to create. Does not explain true essence, or, as the kids say, “what it is.” 🙂

  8. I’ve been wondering myself if I’m a shaman because I sometimes dream about what is going to happen in the future and stuff like that so if anyone has a real answer to how I will find out if I’m a real shaman or something else please tell me

  9. I’m a non-practicing shaman, so I can answer from that perspective. I think all the comments show different reflections of what a shaman is, even the comments that say there is no such thing as a spirit world.
    Someone else commented that it is a calling, and that is true, in the sense that it finds you. That makes sense, because I don’t think anyone would want to choose this path for themselves, as it is a most difficult path, filled with great terror, sadness, and joy. You can’t really try to be a shaman, you either are or you are not. Sometimes we fall into training at an early or older age, sometimes we receive no formal training at all.
    Shamans are generally in frequent communication with the spirit world, which includes their ancestors and their yet-to-be-born descendants. They feel the energetic vibration of places and all living things.
    I recommend you NOT try to become a shaman unless you just can’t help it, and find yourself drawn to this path, in which case you may have the calling, and I wish you good health on your journey…

  10. oh what opinions! What stories! How funny that man thinks that mythology has no importance in the world when all of the cosmology has such a rich tapestry of understanding through great celestial beings. Have little look see to the Mayans! There is so much scholarly thought that can ensnare and baffle one, yet when you truly find a writer with heart, it could be a poet, a spell maker or a great wizard from the ages…!! treasure it and understand what ‘literature’ speaks to you. Don’t be afraid, what you see upon this page is a beautiful snippet of all the many winding paths available to somebody learning about the world. Feel free to explore, and sometimes you will disbelieve everything you have learned until you recognize a small seed of blessing that grows into something more with a little tender care. I sense that perhaps you should enjoy the freedom of nature, gently. Perhaps write a story of what you might like to happen in the future and share it with your favorite place. Do you have an alter or somewhere sacred and quiet that you can muse, be artistic, perhaps gather things from nature. If you have worries then you can be still and await your answers, rather than rushing in to things. There are many magical actions to take in this world from making gifts for your family to playing with your pets… obviously you have to be imaginative! And see what suits you best. Maybe you could try love spells for your friends… you will soon begin to learn what works and what does not. And in that way you are working consciously upon how you would like the world to change for the better. I wish you all the luck and love you deserve. It was a brave question you asked back then! Many blessings. xx

  11. I’ve been going through a “transitional” period in my life. I’m realizing, modern western medicine has “labeled” most of us who are “sensitive” as having a mental disorder of somesort ….. because I never had the proper guidance/training & knowledge in my natural abilities, … as a young person I turned to drugs and alcohol to ease the heaviness, pain, sorrow I felt from many different directions. I never understood why I could feel the emotions of others, …. & they aren’t even aware how I feel them nor could I explain … cause I didn’t know how! ….. as I began to research …. I’m told I’m an “emapth” …. ok! & all through my life ppl tell me I should be a psychologists … I studied for a couple yrs! But this never “felt” right it was close but not right! I’m Native American Apachie Muscalero tribe! Both mom and dad! …. I feel a power I can not explain …. but I know it will lead me to my “purpose” …. show me the way ….. signed, stagnant & seeking!!!!!


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