Home Discussion Forum how do you know if the tarot is the right for you?

how do you know if the tarot is the right for you?

what i mean is that how do you know if the tarot likes you? like, how do you make them not hate you, are you just suppose to be friendly or what do you do ?


  1. Do you mean Tarot as in the cards?
    Whether you believe in them or not, it is not the cards themselves that you rely on for the answer.
    If you do believe in them, then it is surrounding spirits that you rely on. Spirits usually do not care how you are, if they are going to like or dislike you regardless of what you do. But again, that’s all if you believe in it.

  2. I believe that the tarot cards are simply a tool allowing us easier access to messages from Spirit, or God, subconscious, however you view it. Tarot is full of symbols and images that prompt us to “feel” a certain way or get an impression. You may have noticed that a great deal of communication happens without or beyond words. People use body language or get a sense of what some one is expressing. Tarot is like that. Subject to interpretation. I find the same card can have a vastly different meaning in readings for two different people. I suggest getting familiar with the cards before doing a reading. Study or meditate on individual cards. What pops into your head? What impressions do you get? Unless you already have a background in numerology beginning with an artfully illustrated deck rather than one that resembles playing cards will allow you to get into the flow more easily. Play with it.


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