How do you kill a succubus?






succubus is a Lilin-demon in female form, or supernatural entity in folklore (traced back to medieval legend) that appears in dreams and takes the form of a woman in order to seduce men, usually through sexual activity. The male counterpart is the incubus. Religious traditions hold that repeated sexual activity with a succubus may result in the deterioration of health, mental state, or even death.
In modern representations, a succubus may or may not appear in dreams and is often depicted as a highly attractive seductress or enchantress; whereas, in the past, succubi were generally depicted as frightening and demonic.
I’m not talking about in a game. Any thing in mythology or the bible on killing a demon, specifically a succubus? It’s for a script.


    • Excluding the Supernatural part of the idea of a succubus, if you actually look into it then all my logical human females are succubus when those in power give them the capability to have power over other individuals especially over men. One main example of a real-life version of a succubus is a husband and wife getting a divorce and the woman getting at least 50% of all items and putting that man in financial ruin.

  1. Im fairly sure that as with similar demonic manifestations, piercing of the heart with silver or a blessed object will do it. Since there is VERY little written on this subject however, wouldn’t it be more interesting if YOU created the method in your script? Keeping in mind that it’s fiction, come up with something inventive and compelling and you’ll make the script more interesting than if you simply use a method that is trite and lacking in originality. For instance, suppose you have to stab her 3 times with a blade made of human bone and dipped into the blood of a virgin who the succubus FAILED to seduce?

  2. Don’t you watch South Park?
    You have to play the song “The Morning After” (by Maureen McGovern) backwards

    • Incubus and succubus aren’t effected by religious weapons. Just so you know. However, some people say that the Fey, or mystical creatures- whatever you call them- are highly sensitive to specific types of metals. Iron, and Silver being the most popular. In truth I’m actually trying to find out what kills an Incubus, for similar reasons.

  3. Since succubus draw energy from the men to sustain themselves, why not kill all men? Naah, just kidding…
    Since succubus is a type of demon, and demons hate holy water, why not sprinkle them with one, compounded with prayers, holy cross, religious medallions, or other religious objects. Then, shoot them with blessed silver bullets. That’ll do the trick.

  4. Since a succubus is a demon, the best way to “kill” it would be to banish it to it’s own realm as an astral being can not be killed since it is not corporeal. Succubus are sexual demon that were said to come into a man’s room at night to have sexual contact with them to steal the soul energy and when you woke up you never saw her beacuse she dissappeared. So, banish it. Besides, a ritual to banish a demon would be great to add a “scary” mood to you script and a very good climax scean with all do fighting/struggleing with the demon. Also, prehaps a silver weapon blessed by a preist would be a good final blow to the harlot!

    • Once again, Incubus and succubus aren’t effected by religious weapons. Not only that, but just because they don’t attack with their corporeal form doesn’t mean they don’t have one. Honestly, there are tons of Fey whom only reveal their nature through ‘dreams’. anyway. They do have a REAL body. It’s a mating ritual. How could the succubi become pregnant if they didn’t have intercourse with a real body? Not only that, but how would you expect an Incubus to plant his seed if he didn’t show up in corporeal form? -.- honestly, look at it like their real for a moment and not just some made up religious thing. Their a people with specific mating habits. Its said that once they get what they want- which is one or the other pregnant depending on whether it’s male or female, they leave… then you have a cambion to deal with instead. lol

  5. The only thing a succubus loves more than succubussing is it’s own reflection. If the demon sees it’s own reflection in a mirror it will become momentarily trapped in the mirror. As soon as the demon becomes trapped it the mirror you must drop it it the ground symbolizing the fall of the demons from heaven.

  6. Well considering a succubus is a female Demon it means the femal is possesed in a way. So if you let the succubus believe it is seducing you and then get her to the bed you can tie her down and preferm an exorcism or have a priest preform an exorcism then you can have the demon extracted and save a human being

  7. You do not use silver to kill succubi. That is used for werewolves. Also know that holy water is good for catholic baptism and killing vampires. I am well researched with most mythological creatures. Though I know the least of succubi of any creature, I think I may have figured it out. In most situations possession is having your body under control by a demon. In this situation you have know control of your actions and your soul is banished to take place of the evil spirit that has previously possessed you. Since you have no control, you have to have someone perform an excorsism on you. This can only happen to those (not trying to convert) that do not have the lord in their hearts.
    The succubi though do not intrude your body as other demons. Instead the go all Freddy Krueger on you and go in through your dreams and sometimes (rarely) in everyday life. In everyday life they simply show up to seduce you easier, they also appear in dreams. Therefore they do not have control over your entire body. Knowing this, you understand that is impossible for an excorsism to be performed on your body. But having complete mental consultation you may (in your dreams) be able to be an excorsist on your self and banish that awful demon to hell from wince it came!

  8. i have barly read anything u guys said but all i know is it takes the form of a woman and saduce you and then take you out of public,for example the woods and eat you alive.a succubus has to feed to become stronger and more pretty when they dont eat they become weak and to kill one is to stab it in the heart (do it when it is weak) and thats all i have to say goodbye people 😀

  9. send a death knight after her seeing as how they are like super bounty hunters of the cryptid under world Ye will tera her form her own soul Chen send it back to help where he will then burn the body. Celing as how they slay everything from the underworld it world get the job some for you

  10. i had been under a succubus attack for 6 years. it tried to seduce me/disvirgin me all to no avail, i am a christain believer how do i banish/destroy this demon as it has caused a lot of problem and damage for me already by refusing to mate with her

  11. draw the symbol of the masculine upon a
    consecrated space. With candles lit and
    full resolve, kneel upon the symbol of all
    the succubus craved and intone the words
    that follow.
    By the forces of Heaven and Hell
    Draw to us this woman fell
    Rend from her foul desire
    That she may perish
    as a moth to fire.

  12. A succubus has many weapons in her disposal legend says that if you are kissed by a succubus you become their slave plus those claws and wings if you piss them off. One thing about a succubus they don’t take rejection lightly they have a short fuse when it comes to that. Plus the power of seduction once they ensnare you its hard to break free. The way to kill a succubus is like any other demon with a blessed weapon with a symbol of holiness. However it depends on how many souls she has harvested because the more souls they harvest from victims the stronger they become. Soon even bullets or knives won’t work so your only option would be to trap her in a demonic trap then wait for a few days. She will get weaker if she doesn’t have a steady source of nourishment. Then just wait longer or torch the bitch that’s my advice

    • Wouldn’t matter a succubus is a demon she could find you cause as soon as you so much as even compliment her she will find you she can also exist in your dreams and succubi are very clingy to their food.

  13. OK, so I have a question about this, except for she’s a flipping retard and doesn’t know my hubby’s fb account, but his 5 year ago mistake her house was covered in mara paintings and murals, and even when she got with my husband she continued to find male victims, and do a dark ceremony, she’s on soul 80 by now how would you stop this one

    • Call her and trap her if you know her name you can call her look up the picture for a demonic trap then put a rosary around her neck sprinkle her with holy water torture her until she is very weak take a silver knife cut open her chest and force her back to hell where she belongs.

  14. You need to fill your bloodstream with Silver; Colloidal Silver. Once they realize your blood has silver throughout it, they’re done.

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