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How do you keep negative energies or dark entities out of your aura or home?


  1. Whenever anybody mentions “negative energies” or “auras” I tend to laugh so hard, it keeps all the “dark entities” away…..
    Or wait…is it the other way around…

  2. Most people shouldnt have those negative energies in their homes, but if you are one of those for whatever reason…
    then I would pray continously to God to bless your house and to say something like My House is covered by the Blood of Jesus!
    Command that anything evil leave your home by having Faithing in the authority of saying, I command that you leave in the name of Jesus Christ.

  3. When ever you feel that way, just pray and believe in god! I mean always believe in god he is the only one with real power! Also sya “All is well in my world” that is what i say whenever i feel negative energy is around me!

  4. I usually keep my own energy up so high that nothing would dare enter my home but they do assault my aura when I am out. I have a ritual when I get home to get the bad energy off my aura that involves these—

  5. There are three primary models that most traditions use.
    First, there is the bubble or shield concept. This is usually envision as a sphere or cocoon of light, acting as a defense against unwanted forces and entities. This model is particularly common among religious traditions, which call upon the divine to provide the strength for the protective field. The examples above talking about prayer fall within this model.
    A related concept, more common among naturalistic traditions, is a continual cleansing. Rather than functioning as a defense shield that repels unwanted energies, this model uses natural imagery (whirlwinds, vortexes, waterfalls, etc.) to continually cleanse and purify a person or area. This has the effect of washing away unwanted energies, before they can have any effect. Smudging, described above, is a variant of this model.
    The third main approach can be best described as energy aikido. It relies on creating energetic structures or patterns of energy, similar to the bubble or the whirlwind. However, rather than directly opposing the unwanted energies, this model deflects and redirects the energies, like a mirror reflects a beam of light.
    Because the unwanted energies are being deflected and redirected, rather than directly opposed, there is no risk of the defense being “overpowered”, because like aikido this model uses the incoming force to supply the defensive energy, so the stronger the “attack” the more effective the defense.
    Different traditions and religions teach different variations, but most fall within one or two of the models above.

  6. Seriously I had my apartment blessed by a priest, every time I moved. I believe this helps. I also rarely talk bad about people because of karma. (I don’t know what karma is – but I don’t want bad anything.)
    Also I stay as honest as I can. I pray often, I mean in the car (11/2 commute one way), everywhere, anywhere. Oh, I respect other peoples religion/customs as it is theirs and basically I don’t know anything to say they are wrong.
    Also I have a four leaf clover, and other stuff – somewhere in my stuff in a box.

  7. Pretty much limited by your imagination. All energy work manifests through intention. Some “tricks” I’ve used are:
    Putting small mirrors in all four directions, facing outward, around the outside of the house. You can also hang them in windows, facing outward.
    Bury selenite at all four corners of your property.
    Place rose quartz over each entryway so that everybody that comes into your home comes through love.
    You can use sound energy to clear your space. Jonathan Goldman has several CD’s. My favorite is Holy Harmony.
    Call in Archangel Michael and ask him to sweep the house free of any lower energies.
    Light a candle in front of a mirror with the intention that the light attract any lower energies. The mirror then acts as a portal into the divine light.
    Mostly, though, it’s pure intention that does the greatest good.


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