How Do You Induce Sleep Paralysis?

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I Have Heard Of People Who Can Control It And My Friend Says To, Lay On Your Back At Night, Relax And Ignore Your Body Signals, Keep Your Mind Occupied With Something For 25 Minutes And Have A Clock Or Something That Will Beep After 30 Minutes In Case You Fall Asleep.

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My mom takes Tylenol PM

many owls

makes no sense

Arthur Again


Jacqualine Rose

I get Sleep Paralysis as Much as Twice a week and its not a nice thing to induce!!
I lie there terrified with my eyes wide open, not being able to breath regulary, not being able to move
Its like the date rape drug, it is a very unpleasent thing and seems to last for hours.


I thought that that was something done to you by some entity, not self induced. The people I’ve heard had it done to them, were terrified. Why would you want to do that? What if there was a fire and you couldn’t move? Or a thief, or worse…


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