How do you increase psychic powers?

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I know that everyone has them and you just have to learn how to use them. Any suggestion…I know one way but it involves another person..(reading colors)

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A big dump. No other person needed.


Just practice. Let it happen without trying to force it. Encourage it without demanding it. I know I sound like I’m talking in riddles, so get to your local bookstore and pick up some books on the subject. They’ll put you on the right path to find what you’re looking for.
Good luck!


Replace the batteries in your remote control unit.

James Bond

You can’t, because they don’t exist.


LSD man definately LSD


You’re right, it’s in all of us. How bad do you want it ?
Begin by meditation. Keep thinking of ‘nothing,’ It’s hard! But eventually, you’ll learn how to ‘quiet your mind.’
At that point, you can start Creative Visualization. Close your eyes & imagine an orange, with all its ridges, the stem, the scent, etc. When you can do that , start to visualize more complex shapes & images. It takes a lot of practice. This doesn’t happen in an hour or two.
Now, you can start guessing who’s on the phone, lottery numbers (just for practice, don’t start gambling!), using flash cards with colors, numbers, etc. Keep a diary of your hits & misses. Keep practicing & eventually, you’ll begin to get better. Don’t stop meditating.


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