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How do you hypnotize yourself?

I am really interested in learning about the subconscious mind and how to access it. Does anyone know anything about this? Or do you know of any books or websites? Also, if you are self hypnotized, is it stlll possible to give yourself suggestions and affirmations, or does someone else have to administer these?


  1. http://www.wendi.com
    I heard her on a radio and never thought I could be hypnotist. She has this sample thing to listen to and she hypnotizes you. It was really weird she has you close your eyes and then tells you – you can not open them and I could not open my eyes. It freaked me out – the rest of it did not work in terms of things happening but that one did – it also made me feel a bit more peaceful – check it out.

  2. One way is to record your own induction… sort of like a guided meditation and include the affirmations.
    If you need an example check out this website:
    there are three mp3’s you can download for free. I’d suggest ‘the gift of relaxation’ one. It’s a very basic and mild self hypnotic session.
    I use self hypnosis and guided meditation as a form of stress relief and I have found it to be very helpful.
    Most of the things I have collected from various places and have had to pay for.
    If you can pay, Potentials Unlimited is a good source of self hypnosis recordings.
    Quantum Quests is an excellent source of guided meditations and affirmation recordings. There are also a few free mp3’s on the quantumquests.com site… a prosperiety meditation is one of them.


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