Home Discussion Forum How do you heal someone with a quartz crystal?

How do you heal someone with a quartz crystal?

I have a crystal but I’m not sure what steps to take. My mother is in chronic pain and she is in another state. How do I do this?


  1. if you put the tip of cristal on the problematic spot, it will help the nergy clean, and might help.
    Still, I do recomend you be sure your mom surely sees a doctor. Cristal is ok as a help next to normal treatments.

  2. I think its best to use quartz in one hand and another healing stone such as malachite or amethyst in the other, but if you just have the crystal that will work fine. is it on a string.necklace? if so, hold it above either hand of hers and watch it swing, until it stops. our hands are one of the msot important parts of our body for healing other parts in the body. getting her to hold the crystal, or keep it close to her at all times is also healing, sleeping with it under the pillow is good. depending on the shape of the crystal; is it a wand? you can use this, starting at her head, and move the crystal in circles all over her body (from top to bottom, so get her to lay down) putting it in the bath can also help. whenever you do any healing, always, always imagine a bright white light coming out of the crystal and into your client-mother always send love and light into another being.. and always say a thank you afterward to the crystal.


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