How do you have a Near Death Experience?

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I want to have a Near Death Experience!!!!!!!!!!
I know, but HOW DO YOU NEARLY DIE?!?

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Nearly die.


You have to nearly die and then pray someone saves you and brings you back to life in time. Why would you want to die?


Give up then. But remember you just might get what you wish for….

wise old sage

Just keep on living day to day
get unlucky enough to get killed
survive the experience against all odds
it’s kind of like winning a lottery twice in one week
it can happen but it’s damned unlikely so we don’t recomend
trying to do it on purpose.


I don’t think these things can be planned. If you find it sooooo interesting, try all the published stuff on the topic plus all the stuff on the net.
If you find anything on how to make an NDE happen, kindly let me know!


why would you want to attempt having a near death experience it’s nothing enjoyable.


walk across a highway without looking. If you are just missed by a car passing, you have had a near death experience. If you get hit, you will probably have a death experience.
And it only counts if you were not trying it deliberately. So DON’T do it.


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