How do you handle snobby, elitist, ivy league types, who repress others?

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I went to an ivy league school the other day, just to visit, check it out, see what it was like, and went to a couple of buildings, the library, a certain museum exhibit, and was shocked to find that many of the professors and what not, ppl that were a part of the school, seemed to be sooooooooo elitist, snobby, completely unavailale and cut off from the rest of the human population, so even if you dared to approach them, and make eye contact with them while they were talking amongst themselves,
they gave you angry looking glares, like you’re disrupting the conversation of a lifetime.
That’s ONLY by walking there. Then if you as much as apply for admission to these schools or choose to take a few classes there or what not, it’s even more cut-throat in a sense.
They seem to give you this aura of superiority, like they’re god, and you’re nothing, and try to stomp you out in a way like you’re competition.
It’s just not very friendly.
Sure, they’re VERY intellectual some of them but they act like they’re a special breed of human, and that just because you may not be as good enough, you don’t even remotely deserve to be in their presence.
I know this from talking to a few, and because I wasn’t up to their ivy league standards…it was like…off with you.
My personal motto is, improve yourself. I always strive to learn, grow, etc, and went to this particular school to be “inspired,” but yet left feeling rejected and snobbed-out.
Was it me in this case or was it them?

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Ignore them. They are not worth it! You know your own worth and value and that you are a great person.


Simple, ignore the Republicans.
If they don’t like it, tough.

Bruce J

Perhaps this attitude that they display is the BEST reason for you to attend such a school. If you are vastly uncomfortable there, I wouldn’t suggest it, but it sounds like they could use someone like you to balance their stuffy attitude.
I would jump at the chance to attend an Ivy League school, though, so I may not be the best person to give advice.

Terri B

It was them. I’ve known educated people who use it against others and some who don’t. I went to college with a girl who, after graduation, would always pull out of her hat that she was “more educated” than the people she had disagreements with. Every single time someone upset her, she would compare their educational level to her own and if that didn’t work (or if they were just as educated), she would talk about having gone to a better school, making more money, etc. In the face of adversity, this is all she had to hold on to. I couldn’t stand to be around her and stopped being her friend. On the other hand, I had a co-worker who was very intelligent and privileged but talked in a way that others could understand him and always showed compassion. I think if you are insecure, you use whatever makes you feel like you are a better person and this is all they had to hold on to. It’s not you. Trust me.



carnival Æ’ox wanderer

i sort of know what you mean, in my experience in my miserable life, ive encountered people like this and i would of loved to be a part of it, know them, for them to accept my worth, intelligence and wisdom….but from those types they do just what you say and ive never been given a chance by them…..from those types theyve always treated me with this smug, – ignorant, aloof, iam superior a being to you type approach.- how dare you attempt to relate to me type manner……….and so people like that have always been rejecting and non accepting of me…… fased me for a long time to be snubbed by the so called elite………but i was told its best to cut your losses, and move on from people like that……so recentley, ive just moved on and i wont approach people like that anymore…..but ill just ignore them….work on my own self worth….and move on in my own direction.

Friedrich v. Schiller

There are many, many public schools that can offer you just as good an education, if not better. I would also recommend looking at schools abroad for your education- education in other countries is often much less expensive than it is in the U.S., and and you also get a rich cultural experience to boot.

The Fallen One

Well, IVY LEAGUE schools are really the top schools not in America but in the WORLD. So, the people that go there and were accepted there forget all about manners, social life and interacting with others. It is a sacrifice they have to make in order to survive the extremely hard work given there and to do good in courses that require at least 8 hours of study every day. You may have seemed like a chill, cool and regular person who has a social life and perhaps they were thinking that you were going to get accepted there, the first thing they will think is
“Okay, he is cool and looks like he has a social life, yet we worked ourselves off and look like complete geeks or completely tired and worn out, this just isn’t fair, we need to make sure he doesn’t do better than us”
Also, as for the friendly part. Honestly, IVY League colleges are THE most competitive colleges IN THE WORLD, I mean Yale and Harvard are considered the world’s top colleges along with Oxford (but that is in England). In those colleges competition drives everyone, so knowing that there will be ONE LESS person to stand in their way of a degree or a great career, makes those people happy. Those people have sacrificed
1. Friendships – they went through high (Junior and Senior year mostly) ignoring others and just studying 24/7
2. Sports and extra circular activities- lets be honest here, in order for those people to be at the top or near the top of their class, they avoided all sports and fun activities and studied 24/7
3.Fun – They didn’t go to any high school parties because most of the times when others were enjoying life, those kids were just studying.
Arrogance, low tolerance level and superiority thoughts result from those kids having no fun in their high school years and just studying every second (or near that).
The professors there are usually busy trying to make a new research so they can get in the news.
It would be ARROGANT for me to say it was you, but the attitude in an IVY League college differs a lot from that in a regular college. I think you may not have known that, reading your question I can see you are a good person and that you have great grammar but you have to realize, if IVY League college students and professors do not try to be perfect and accurate every chance they get, IVY league colleges will not be the top in the world. If you get accepted there, study and get good grades, but ALSO, be very smart when it comes to tricks, other students can and WILL try to use you if they get a chance. You will make friends but be sure to evaluate how good they are.
It was them in this case and you, you were not sure about how the attitude in an IVY League college is and they were just acting arrogant and cocky (which they usually do in IVY League schools) to show everyone how the attitude is there, they did not care to explain which was ignorant of them.
ALSO, to the answerer above me, there MAY be public colleges that can offer you as good of an education but they cannot offer you as good of a career opportunity as an IVY League school can. Going to an IVY League school and getting a degree from there can make you a millionaire by the time you turn 25.
I do not want to go there because I want to be an NFL Quarterback an I plan on enjoying my life in college.


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