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How do you give off positve energy?

I heard if u give positive energy, u will recieve positive energy.
But I dont know if i know how to do that.


  1. you know the old saying, to have a friend you must be a friend… giving off positive energy is smiling and being confident. putting negative thoughts and feelings aside and trying to view things from a positive perspective. those around you will feel it. aren’t you more comfortable around someone who is caring and understanding toward others than you are around someone who is putting others down, criticizing and has nothing good to say to or about anyone?

  2. Eat batteries for breakfast!! Hahaha!!!
    Anyway, everything is relative to your own state of mind – so one day a very bubbly positive person will seem very annoying to you if you just got fired, while a homeless bum will seem not so wretched if you’ve just won the lottery.

  3. Its easy, you do it every day with a “thank you” a smile, anything that is nice is positive energy. And if you want to literally radiate it, try visualization, it works wonders.

  4. Simple, you have to discipline yourself by thinking positive.It is hard at first,start with not saying bad words,if someone angered you say “God bless it” over and over until you have a soothing feelings. Do mental diet, means don’t watch or read bad news for 5 days.Do meditation and affirmations. Oh, when you master a positive energy,like the world is in your palm and people you meet are really kind and nice to you. Good Luck.

  5. Yes I do and yes, I get it back so much more than what I put out there!
    How you do it is act it first, then live it. It takes a bit of time and energy to learn how to be positive all the time.
    One way is to sit down and write down at least five things you are grateful for every day.
    Life is so much nicer when you are putting out rays of sunshine instead of complaining all the time.

  6. Im sure you have done it without even realising it. When you have had nice thoughts about someone, you have given positve energy. When you have believed in yourself or someone else, you have given positve energy.Having a single thought in your head is giving energy, whether the thought is good or bad…. GOOD THOUGHT GOOD ENERGY, BAD THOUGHT BAD ENERGY…

  7. The easiest way to give off positive energy is to be nice to people, think good thoughts for them, hope for the best for them. Recognize their positive qualities and focus on that when you think of them.
    You also need to do this for yourself. Put aside doubts and self defeating thoughts, and do the most productive things to improve your own life. Once your happy, it makes it a lot easier to want the best for others as well.

  8. Positive attracts Negative
    So if someone has Negative energy they will be attracted to you
    They are called energy suckers
    Positive thoughts and actions give off positive energy
    Negative thoughts and actions give off negative energy
    A Person with Positive Energy: enters a room, it seems to “light up” the room?
    A Person with Negative Energy: someone who has the ability to throw a damper on a festive atmosphere, just by their appearance in the room?
    Lover & Blessings

  9. Cleanse your mind realease all the influences in your life that are hurtful. Forgive ppl who have hurt you so that they have no power over you and so no grudges hold you back. your in control and when you do things like this that are positive you gain more positive energy. could even become Physic or something

  10. I do not “give off” energy. I convert negative energy into positive and healing energy. It’s not for everyone and you need to have your own energies balanced or it will not work. I’m no one special anyway, it’s just what I do.

  11. clear your soul of negative thinking . . let go of your own thoughts and concentrate on others. . long enough to make them feel you are not judging them. smile and be polite outside and in.
    hope this helps . . .

  12. Positive energy comes from the soul within, the type of person you are , if you are a genuine person, care about others are a kind person etc.


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