how do you get this state of spirituality back (is it really better as well)?






the state where you feel bliss/ rage line really strong and the love/hate line really weak – this is the state i was in before the turn of the year – in this state you have no fear or guilt and instead of despair or gloom, negative energy manifests (and burns itself out) in the form of purifying rage -you also feel very little bitterness, jealousy or greed (almost none at all, i loved that feeling) – i was in this state before a psychic attack on Dec 17th – you also “feel” more in this state and have greater empathy, you can test this (as i have) by how into music you get – it feels like the psychic attack took the “fire out of my blood” – rt now my third eye feels diminished, and my chakra is all out of wak as well – how do i get it back? i want to feel !!!


  1. Security is important. If you have enough cash sitting in the bank account that you would be fine without a job for a year or more and could even maintain the same life style, you’ll feel better. Being in a relationship helps too especially for a guy its not healthy to not be dating someone, it doesn’t have to be forever just live for the moment. Also eat lots of whole grain foods and lots of fresh fruits or veggies….
    not canned green beans or anything like that but lots of raw fruits and steamed vegetables. Cut down or eliminate meat, I’m not entirely vegetarian but I lean in that direction and it helps a lot spiritually.
    Exercise helps too but try to get a good balance of both cardio and lifting weights. Cut back on coffee if you drink more than 2 cups a day and you’ll feel better spiritually as well.

  2. Find a reputable Reiki master and have your chakras realigned; you can probably find one in your area by going to He/she will also help you get the negativity out of your body, and renew your grounding.

  3. You can get it back thru faith or by prayer, Now once again it actually depends on where it goes or what it is used for,,,,,,,,

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