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How do you get the GS ball in pokemon crystal?

I want to catch a Celebi. I know you get a GS Ball in the Japeneese version, but what about the american version? Also where do you get Celebi?


  1. i havent played in donkeys but you get the GS ball at one point in the game from the crazy guy in Azalea or something similar town. hes the guy who u give nuts and he makes them into balls. AHAHAHAHAHAHA. funny stuff

  2. You’ll need to hack your game with a Gameshark or Action Replay. So google the codes and once you find the one you need, go to Kurt (if the code got you the GS Ball) and he’ll take it for a day. Go back to him the next day and and he’ll rush outside of his house to see that the ilex Forest is “restless”. He’ll give you back your GS Ball and you should proceed into the forest. Now go to the shrine in the forest and press a when you’re in front of it.. Celebi will appear and attack you. He’s at lv 30, so it shouldn’t be hard. Have either a master ball or a lot of ultra or level balls on you. Good luck on this!
    The reason why this is the only way to get Celebi in the American version is because we don’t have the cool Japanese features like the nurse in Goldenrod City’s Pokemon Center that gives you the GS Ball if you have all the badges & win some game 3 times in a row.
    If you’re looking for a gameshark or action replay, your best bet would be Ebay.


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